Child abuse can hurt. By: Maria Latorre

For the project we had to find information about our topic and talk about it.


My issue "Child abuse" I picked this topic because it was what I which to find out more and because this topic got me to the point that it would make me sad.


I have learned so far that there are many different types of child abuse like physical abuse, child sex abuse (CSA), psychological/emotional abuse, and neglect.

For a child with a history of neglect or physical abuse they have a very high risk to have psychiatric problem, or disorganized attachment. The hardest to define from is psychological/emotional abuse this kind of abuse and end up making a child blame themselves, feel not loved.

Children that are being physically abuse are very likely to have a lot of bone fractures, and many higher risk of getting cancer. Physically abuse could be stopped if people that see it happen would tell the cops or if the child tells. Sometime the child will not tell because they might be to scare of what would happen if he/she told.

A child that has being sexually abuse (CSA) is a type of child abuse in which an adult or someone older takes a kid for sexual stimulation. Types of CSA is when someone ask or pressure a child to do sexual actives, having sexual contact with a child, making a child make child pornography.

What I want to know is why? Why do adult or older people do this type of things to a child? Why is it that they would even think about this in the first place?


I’m planning to find out more about this topic and try to find the reason why they would do this to a child and what they can get out of it.