​ Childhood Obesity: The conclusion and growing awareness

Childhood Obesity: The conclusion and growing awareness

Hello.   My name is Luke Watson-Sharer. Hopefully you read my first 2 blogs about childhood obesity. If you haven’t check them out here: First blog, Second Blog. Childhood obesity is not only a U.S. issue but a worldwide issue.  The obesity crisis expands every day.  Obesity not only affects a child’s physical health but also their emotional well being.  Obese children not only limit their life choices but may also lose self esteem. Obesity can lead to heart disease, suicide, cancer and even death. What can we do to help? We can raise awareness and provide encouragement.   That’s what the agent of change is all about.

There are many ways to raise awareness. I’m glad to contribute to raising awareness.  Others who can raise awareness are companies and community campaigns. Currently,  the NFL is contributing to getting kids more active with NFL60 where they promote 60 minutes of activity of sports or running each day. Also, hospitals and some food companies promote low calorie foods or options. Advertisements by some food companies promote healthy choices like salads to low fat options.  Community groups can create exercise groups to asking schools to provide low calories and healthy options.  Individually, you can create a flyer on childhood obesity or healthy eating to distribute in school. There are many ways to raise awareness about  childhood obesity and support people trying to lose weight.

With many ways to change and create change, there are many possible components.   I support the changes in exercise and eating to support decreasing childhood obesity.  As I wrote in my first blog, childhood obesity leads to negative physical and emotional health.   With my second blog,  it provided results from surveys that helped me thrive and want to make a change. Positive ways to encourage change are through a variety of exercise choices from group sports to walking instead of taking the bus.  There are also ways to increase healthy eating including eating fruit instead of cookies and not overeating.  I support increasing awareness of childhood obesity because it’s  positive for all children and teens.   Decreasing childhood obesity  prevents potential diseases, suicide, the loss of self esteem and encourages a better physical and emotional health.

For my agent of change I helped get the word out by presenting to peers and adults statistics about childhood obesity. My powerpoint is here: Powerpoint. I explained what each blog post was about and showed how childhood obesity works and current statistics.  The surge in childhood obesity has dramatically increased in the last two decades.  I was hoping my message would send a message to my class and would help them encourage friends and family to be more aware and, if they are obese, to get help to become healthier.

IMG_5931.jpg Me presenting my project.

I have made a change happen. Outside of taking in childhood obesity as a problem whenever the topic comes up or in situations I can talk about it, I drop knowledge on the topic. I felt comfortable doing the project and without personally becoming attached to the project because I am not overweight.  Therefore,  I could keep a distance from the topic while also having friends and family who need support in losing weight. After completing the project, I learned more what it is  like to be in their shoes and gained compassion.  It is difficult to change eating habits, exercise habits and lose weight.   I now have a passion for fighting childhood obesity by increasing everyone’s knowledge and supporting friends trying to lose weight.  Next, I can go to a  park and start a weekly football game or a basketball game. I can organize a play group with kids on my block or at church to get them moving.  This can  help kids burn calories that are not needed. Nevertheless, there is a lot to do.  I will continue to look for ways to support the fight against childhood obesity.

My adventure in helping increase awareness of childhood obesity has just begun. Raising awareness and causing a change is the most beneficial thing to do.   I’m glad that I know I made a change and helped spread the word and support others who either need to lose weight or want to encourage others to get healthy.

I hope the millions of people I've touched have the optimism and desire to share their goals and hard work and persevere with a positive attitude.” - Michael Jordan

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