Children of the Night Podcast Episode 3


Children of the Night Episode 3

Amado, Ethan, Aden, and Shilo

Infectious Dracula

In this episode we discuss the reason why Bram Stoker wrote Dracula. What he intended Dracula to represent to how people preserved it and how it was later interpreted in modern day society. We discuss how diseases were common during the era of Dracula and how vampire culture came to be. Along with the whole monster genre in general.

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Comments (7)

Lei Zheng (Student 2019)
Lei Zheng

I really appreciate the music background, which adds a horrible atmosphere to the conversation and makes people immersed in the discussion of vampires.

Mindy Saw (Student 2019)
Mindy Saw

I like the connections you make throughout the book to reality. I also understood the meaning of conversation you guys had about the religion aspect and how you connected it to the concepts of Christianity.

Miguel Rivera (Student 2019)
Miguel Rivera

I always enjoy how you connect the book to real life. I don't know Dracula was a symbol for an ill or disease. I thought y'all have interesting pov on Dracula influence on style and culture. They are many different forms of Dracula and goth.

Autumn Lor (Student 2019)
Autumn Lor

I liked that you guys talked about the time zone when the book was written/what the author intended the time zone. So talking about how Dracula was created and what it actually meant to people

Ayala Silverman (Student 2019)
Ayala Silverman

Your conversation about Christianity and religion was really engaging. Amado's connection to Dracula and the Seven Deadly Sins was interesting and made me more curious about the concept of the book.

Meeghan Kersten (Student 2019)
Meeghan Kersten

I liked how despite the fact that you were missing people you still had a good thoughtful conversation. I really like the connections you made to society and how you described the metaphors