Children On Their Own

In the world we live in today, children are not safe all the time. Without their parents, children can not grow up and survive correctly. Life was made for children to have parents to guide them through the struggles of life. A lot of children die on their own and this is a common event. According to ABC news, there are some children that have gone missing up to 15 years ago that have still not been found. This relates to Lord Of the Flies by William Golding, because the kids in LOTF prove multiple times times that they are not ready to be without adults. They seem very civilized in the beginning, but shortly after that, many savage events occur and the children take a lot of mental damage from that. Children think they can do anything and that's exactly why they need the supervision. That’s why they need their parents, to learn that they aren't invincible or they'll grow up making terrible choices.

In Lord Of The Flies, there are these kids stranded on an island without any adults. One of the first things that you hear the character piggy talk about is where the adults are. This is foreshadowing that something bad will happen without them. And this is proven to be true when the boys all get in a big arguement. It doesn't help that they're all boys so there will always be an argument over power. They were all obsessed over this conch which had no true purpose but to call others into a gathering. But they are all so content on thinking that it means power and that whoever holds it is a leader. However, this argument ends in Piggy's death. He was holding it and someone threw a rock at him and he fell to his death. They boys also lose someone prior to this. They are also always talking about a beast, but if they had an adult, they would know better. This is because once a child’s mind is on something, that becomes all they think and act on until it is no longer important to them.

If they had adults with them, then Piggy most definitely would not have died. There would be much more structure to their rules and living habits. Now the kids can just be savage without any authority. Kids simply can’t just raise themselves. Adults can have a big influence on kids lives. Some kids even go back home with their parents after college. There is a CBS News story by Erin Donaghue that many are familiar with where 3 young women were kidnapped for over 10 years. Luckily one escaped and ran for help. Some of these women were adults. So when it gets to the point where young adults can be kidnapped, then you know kids need adults to be safe.

Now the kids In Lord of the Flies think they are in danger from a beast, when they are actually in danger from themselves. This obsession causes some to die. As I said earlier, an adult would be able to identify that what the children saw was not anything to worry about. The adult would be the leader no questions asked. The adult would protect the kids and feed them, and leave no one behind. They would probably find a way to contact someone much sooner and would have been rescued much earlier.

The book Lord of the Flies illustrates many issues and important topics for us to think about. It answers the question, “What happens when a bunch of young boys are stranded on an island. It shows that people should know better than to leave their kids alone in this world. People just don't understand that this is not a perfect world. Little kids can be heard all the time saying I can fly, but if their parents never showed them that they couldn't, they would go too far one day and jump from way too high up. Kis fantasize all the time about being superheroes, which is good. It is great to have an open mind. As long as children realize sooner or later that not everything is possible before they try something dangerous.

So after all of these facts concepts, and examples there are core values. William Golding's core value and lesson in Lord of the Flies are that power is not everything and that power thirsty people usually go mad. Arguments over power are simply not needed. Everyone wants to be on top, but not everyone is deserving of the top because they use those who are lower than them as a staircase to the top. Adults can be very civilized over power, but given the right circumstances, they can also be very savage. The show survivor is a good example of this point. Now when you take these same circumstances and use children instead of adults, they will go from civilized to savage in seconds. Children's minds work much differently than the minds of adults. They often act like they are ready to be adults but are never ready to be and they never have nearly enough experience to do so. So the main message of this essay is very simple child equals an adult protecting them and helping them grow. So this what to take out of this essay, Children are not gods and no matter how confident they are, they will never be ready for or understand true adulthood until they have kids of their own.

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