Chloe-Media Fluency

Tech- Me Magazine Slide

To start off, I will talk about what I mean with this quote, as many of you may wonder. What I am  trying to say is while I accept you are you, accept that I am me. The reason why I say this is because in the past, people always have question what I do and who I am. Before I enlighten on it, let me tell you about myself, you can look at the three  pictures that describes me as I speak. First one, I am a JW. The people who be knocking on your door. I don’t celebrate any all. I love art. And I don’t mean by just painting I also mean the art of literature, music, writing, etc. Also, I’m a geek/nerd. I LOVE transformers, marvel, dc, etc. I can talk to you it about it all day with someone and I don’t mind learning anything new from it. Also, I can either dress like...this or nice and formal. Depends on the day. Finally, I would love to travel the whole world one day, just to see how the beauty of it. Now that you know a little about me, let me talk about the slide. When I was doing my research, I notice that I had to have a theme. I thought about it for awhile, what will be my theme. I’d tried multiple websites to find one just for me. But then, I had to stop… the themes weren’t what I created, that they’re not mine. So I made my own, evolve around the quote you see up on the board. I said this quote because throughout life, I’ve been question in what I like to do, or what I like to wear, or who I am in general. Moving on, you might notice the different font and pattern of color for the letters. The reason for that is to show you that this is what I am or what someone else could be. For example, imagine someone typing like this all the time. It regular font but the color of the text is blue. From that person’s point of view, it’s their things, it’s what normal to them. But to another person's point of view, it will be a bit weird. They would either see you differently from afar or try to change you, peer pressure. Either way, whether they meant to or not, they’re judging. Now let's look into the background I pick, which is a variety of colors. This shows that even though all my traits are good and bad, they all are what I see me. Just like you  have good and bad traits, it’s what you identify yourself as. Few things I would've done differently was getting rid of ‘Geeky Girl’, being it was too much. Also, make the text colors of the letters match up with the background a bit, since, to me, I did give the message, but I could’ve made them fit with it and also show the message I’d gave. So this was my presentation, I hope you all liked it, and thank you for your time.