Chloë Epstein Q3 Art Portfolio

I think this has been my favorite quarter so far because we've gotten to experiment with different techniques and art forms. Right from the beginning Mr. Herrera asked us what type of artwork we wanted to do so I felt like we had a lot of creative freedom. I have done both printmaking and sculpture before, but I had never painted a whole piece in paint before so I felt like I learned a lot from that experience. I also got to practice in both ink painting and printmaking because I either had to make multiple copies or had to do a few practice pictures before hand. My favorite piece was my sculpture because I think it turned out really good and creepy looking. I was proud of this piece the most because I had to make it out of what I could find and couldn't buy anything. I also liked that this piece had to have an actual meaning that was political because we hadn't done anything like that before.