A son tries the street route and his dad pays for it......

Comb your hair. It looks a mess. Fix your pants, Don’t get tattoos, Don’t wear hoods, don’t cover your face. Dress nice. You need to work harder as a black man.

In today’s society, being a person of color is hard son. People hate our tight kinks in our heads but at the same time they want it. To society we’re just some damned niggas that the government is going to do all they can do to keep us from prevailing. It is hard to be a person of color today because everyone is against it. They hate our royal blood. They hate that we are the original people. That our descendants were Kings and Queens.  But none of that matters because of societies view on our people. Stereotypes get our people killed every day no matter if it is by a policeman, a crackhead or even our fellow colored people. We are already put into a trench and the US doesn’t make it any easier. The average white person can just show up somewhere and be guaranteed a spot on the job but if someone like us shows up not wearing their sunday's best, there will definitely be a problem. Societies goal is is to make everything harder and harder for colored people, and you’re not making it any better on yourself.

I don’t care how cool it makes you look. You can have all the chains, all of the money, all of the girls, all of the clout but at the end of the day, NONE OF THAT SHIT MATTERS! Education is key boy. Being on the street won’t lead to anything good and once you get to deep, the harder it becomes. You think that shit is cool but you’ll surely end up in cuffs or in a casket. Take it from me son, I lost my best friend to the streets, Uncle Dre. I tried to tell him son I tried and tried but he was too much like us. To smart for his own good. He started smoking that stuff when he was younger, next thing I know he's selling it. When I got that call son it cut me to the white meat. I felt like it was my fault. He was in the fast lane. Now look where he's at now. My best friend in the ground at 32. I can't have that happen again. Not to you, my only son. I love you son. I can't lose you. Do you understand how devastated I would be if I got that call saying my son has  been arrested or worse.

I don’t care how thurl being “posted on the block” is considered when you could be posted up in the class getting and education instead of wasting your life being in the streets selling drugs and making less than you would working a minimum wage job.

What is it going to take for you to understand how serious this is? You could’ve already been killed. Luckily you have god on your side. It’s tragic how many people we lose from this street life. And just think son, not only are the people living your lifestyle affected but so are the innocent people caught in the middle of this. Say you are getting shot at and you hit some lady caught in the crossfire? You know what give me that gun off your hip, you’re not slick!

What do you mean no?

Son! Give me the gun!

*Grabs at sons waist, managing to grab the gun*


*At this point they are both tugging at the gun*

LET GO TR-----



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Isabella Torres (Student 2021)
Isabella Torres

This made me feel sympathy and almost scared for the son, it was scary how true everything the father was saying to the son. i felt like the ending was rushed and we almost have to guess what happened, but overall, I really enjoyed this.