Christiana Jemiri

For my capstone, I created a mentorship program called “SLA’s Mentorship Program”, between freshmen and upperclassmen. With this school year being very nontraditional, I wanted to try to find a way to help the SLA community during such weird times. The freshmen class of 2024 is the first-ever class to start high school online. SLA is already a complicated and intricate school to navigate, and online school even makes it more difficult to process. With this mentorship program, I paired freshmen with juniors and seniors that helped freshmen navigate their first year of high school. I provided weekly tasks in which mentees (freshmen) and mentors (upperclassmen) completed each week which helped them get to know each other and help freshmen through their freshmen year. Mentors were rewarded 2 hours of community service each week in which I documented and kept track of throughout the school year. On the last Thursday of every month, mentors and mentees participated in a Show & Tell in which pairs would share with the rest of the program about what they learned about each other that month and what they learned about themselves. Mentorship and fellowship have always been important to my development as a young black girl. I am grateful for the many people that inspired me and I wanted to give back to SLA community the same way others did the same for me. It has truly been a journey operating my own mentorship program, but I am so glad that I was able to make this happen this year. Link to Capstone: Link to Annotated Bibliography:

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