Citizenship Homework- Goldie Robins

No one would let me video or audio them. Also, I kind of got "kicked-out" of the area.

I have two peoples interviews written down:

Interview  #1:

  1. It is my responsibility.
  2. I think we have a fascinating and complex political system I think works if people come out and vote
  3. Every election.
  4. No.
  5. TV
  6. The one with Tom Smith and his grandmother. I immediately found it absolutely appalling. 
  7. By the time I was into the booth? Naw, I know.
  8. The question that asks for more funds available. I'd like to see that accomplished. And unfortunately the big change I'd like to see won't happen because Michelle Brownlee is running unopposed. 
  9. Hopefully by exercising my vote I demonstrate to others that I vote and that it impacts other to people to follow. It doesn't just happen with one vote.
  10. I learned about it in school. No, it did not impact my willingness to vote today. I had lived through the Vietnam war and that is probably the single most important factor that makes me feel that I have the privilege to exercise to vote.

    Interview #2:

    1. I believe it's important responsibilities I need to fulfill as a part of American society. 

    2. Ideally, the 2 party system. I feel as if it is very restricting. 

    4. Yes, I learned it in senior year history 

    7. Yes, I'm sure who I am going to vote for

    9. I very much believe every vote counts. It's the best way my "voice" will heard, even if the impact is small it still has influence in society.