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Jordan McLaughlin (Student 2013)
Jordan McLaughlin

I think that you presented your findings, and the blog was pretty self explanatory, although I believe that what should happen is present some eye popping data about the data you found. Maybe link some videos. I think that if you used the data about how many violations happen, explore what happens in these violations and what does the data mean? Violations does it mean that a work was sleeping on duty or they were digging under others peoples property which cause the infrastructure of there house to collapse.

Alysha Ortiz (Student 2013)
Alysha Ortiz

Alysha, Kenisha & Rugei I am impresses by the lay out of the website and the information they have gather as well as the graphs they provided.

I am bot confused about anything.

Areas for Improvement are speak a bit louder but overall it was good