Climate Change and Global Warming

With the climate changing global warming is becoming a problem. Global warming is making the ice in the north pole retreat and is causing sea levels to rise. With higher sea levels there will be more floods. If all the ice melts most of the U.S. will be under water. All of the east, west, and south coasts of the U.S. will be completely under water. Most of the Islands will be under water along with most of Europe and Asia. Australia would probably be completely under water since it doesn't have high elevation except for the mountains.
The cause of Global warming is pollution. Pollution is created in many ways. One way is car exhaust being released into the atmosphere. It weakens the ozone layer allowing more UV rays to get through causing more heat. The extra heat is causing the polar ice caps to melt.
Title: Climate Change and Global Warming
Author: Anup Shah
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