Climate Change Monologue

​What we learned:

We learned many things during this unit. We did warm-ups, and watched a documentary showing one perspective on Climate Change, as well as watching a dramatic monologue. I think that all through this unit, we shared ideas, gave and inspired others with them, and from this we were able to increase our quality-way of writing in the monologues. 

Monologues (Pakistan, Germany, Russia)

Unfair Change - Different Views of Change

Every day, I sit back and look at my land. I see that it is changing, day by day, but the appearance is not. Somehow, I feel that I am living in a different place than I was just a few days ago….

I currently work as a high ranking chemist for the government. Although my job is not directly related to climate change, or agriculture, I have connections which inform me about what is happening. I hear that climate change is causing increased flooding, which leads to severe danger and reduced living conditions.

I was informed that the ambassador, in a recent summit, said that climate change is impacting agriculture, cities, energy, funding, and other things in Pakistan. Along with this, I was told that around 20 international experts came to Pakistan and said that implementing a climate change policy was necessary for Pakistan to survive.

Today, just after coming home, I heard news that there was going to be flooding in my area. Shaking it off, I took a trip to the store, and bought some flour, and some rice. After getting the stuff, and walking back toward my house, I saw water…. you see, there is a bridge that I have to cross every day to get home.

On my way back today, I was going to walk across the bridge--like a wooden handmade footpath, but the water level had risen so much that it had covered the wooden planks. I had to get home, so I decided to risk it. Carrying the flour, and rice made my body act sort of buoyant - the bags were waterproof, and floated, so it was dangerous if I got too close to the edge; the railing was only 2 meter high. I almost got killed, almost wiped off the face of Earth without even a second to realize what had happened.

We need to work on a climate change policy. One that will actually work. In order to do this we will need the cooperation of not only the people, but the politicians. There is a lot in it for both the people, and themselves. They will not only get the riches of money, but the security of their nation.

[picks up phone - call incoming]

(In my language - he says Hello, I am coming. One minute. I am doing a a presentation. Okay, bye.)

Ah. Hallo. Mah ana panh. Hic minute… Mah presentation karana panh. Acha, bye.

Have a good  night, and take care, I have to attend to my children.

German Monologue - Education is The Archenemy of Climate Change

Hello. How are you all doing this fine evening? My name is Piotr Zeiss, and I am a student at The University of Munich. In my school, we think differently. Recently, with the improved realization of climate change, we must do everything we can to stop it before it’s too late.

The US, Germany, and 170 other countries signed a bill that shows that they will implement or get help implementing Climate Change policies, but there are three which did not sign, and are going to make our job of implementing these policies harder.

Stage Direction - Walk over to front of stage-area, and say “Does anyone have any ideas who these three countries are?”

Yes, these countries are Russia, India, and China. These countries have not signed, and might be opposed to climate change, we do not know.

There is a Russian general named Vladimir Ivanovich. In his recent speech, he had an assault rifle. With this, he threatened a member of the audience, as well as put everyone else in fear. He spoke about how China, Russia, and India, which are all related. Russia funds India militarily, and China is still communist -- explain. I feel that he is thinking in a Communist sense, as he was a general during the soviet times, which probably led to his mindset.

I hear news day by day that there is an issue of climate change, and our country is the leader. Not only do these phrases give me happiness, and hope, but they also give me sadness. How is my country at the top of maintaining such a threat, but also, not really educating other countries to follow. We gave one billion to support the UN’s Climate Change policy, but I feel that this is not enough to even dent the problem.

Coming from Munich, as you know, I understand the importance of climate change, ad how it’s a secret-unkown thing that is poisoning our Earth, and our life.

Not many people know about this, yet because of this non-understanding, people refuse to believe it is real. The leaders of countries do not like foreigners coming into their society in fear of spies, etc. If just the developed countries instill climate change policies, it will create a good impact, but if all the poor-developing countries joined and started climate change policies, then this would successfully eliminate the problem.

Russian Monologue - Change is Detrimental to Russia

Hello. I am Vladimir Ivanovich. You can call me Vlad. No, no ,no. That sounds too peaceful. Hi. I am Vlad. Recently - no, still too peaceful. You see this rifle I have? This is what I am going to use to hunt when I get my farm. Farm? You may ask…

Recently, there has been news climate change all over the world; ice has been melting, temperatures have been increasing, and places have a higher tendency to experience a natural disaster. Well, I’m not one of them. Many sources state that Russia, China, and other countries of the Iron Fist will gain useful farm land as well as increased income from the agriculture it provides. This will do so much for the countries, and it will occur naturally. We won’t have anything to lose, except maybe a few people in rural areas, but who cares. Mother Russia will be far ahead of the Capitalists in Western countries, such as US.

In US, farmland is already beginning to dry. Droughts set in. They are working vigorously to stop climate change for the benefit of their own countries, and allies. If they stop this, Russia, China.

[Stage direction -- look over at someone]

What? Say that again! Do you want to be 120 grains heavier?!

[Stage direction -- chamber gun]

Why you call me Crazy Ivan? Racist dog!

[Stage Direction -- Cover head with hand and sit down]

I don’t know why you say this to me! Does anyone have any questions before I proceed?!

Stage Direction -- look at different person in audience

Yes sir? You said that Climate Change will destroy Russia? Let me see. Huh? You are saying that it will increase temperature and mess up Earth. Ha ha ha. Not for me!

I am 50 years old, no kids, my wife was killed… When I die, I will see grass, and the wind will blow… This is not my worry. ROS-SI-YA will survive, when I pass policies will change!. I have to get home, Bye.