Climate Change Monologue

In this unit we studied how climate change impacts the lives of people all over the globe. Looking at different individuals in different areas (Brazil, China, Africa) made me realize how fortunate I am. However at the same time it made me look more into how climate change will impact me and my future. I don't want to give the total idea of each monologue away but the first is a girl giving a class presentation, the second is a man walking into work and the third is a man in a business meeting. These monologues are not the deepest or scariest of monologues however they tell a message and I hope that comes across.

Stealing From The Youth

*turns and faces the students* Um..okay so I guess I’ll um..start. *quickly faces the board and breaths slowly then turns back around* So like the adults and stuff talk all this mess about um….. climate change. I know it sounds really boring but just listen. We have raaallies and paraaades and maaarches and the whooooole nine yards about...climate change. Kinda scary ya know? I MEAN….not scary as in ahh ghosts, but...scary to think that people are doing ALL THIS WORK, but still it seems as if nobody cares. Well atleast that’s what it seems like TO ME. You know what Bob! Thank you for your sarcastic ignorant remarks but it is something WE need to think about. Well, yes we do learn about it school but...I don’t really remember it and I’m pretty sure you..don’t..either. So shutup and listen. Bare with me here. If you had a child...and knew that the ONLY reason your life was being kept was because you were slowly stealing from your child...would you do it? Would you put yourself before them? No….SO WHY THE HELL are they doing it to us, huh!…. someone please explain to me why they are fracking the land we have to live on! Why people are signing papers without OUR input..ya know just SIIIGNING our rights away! Crazy right?! Unbelieveable! Unthinkable! Unacceptable! Unimagined!...that’s just thing’s all so unimaaagined. Like nobody really sees the fact that someday some generation SOMEWHERE….is gonna have to deal with this mess. I end by saying, pay attention to what’s goin on with this climate change sharade. Pay attention. Thank you.

Day To Day

Hello, yea its me. The usual walking into work...again. Of course there’s people around but I don’t care. Don’t tell me how to act..dude, there’s no other way to say it, this damn sure aint something i love. yea yea you don’t have to tell me..I know exactly what I’m doing here. I know that I’m killing the earth but this is my job. It’s the only thing that brings me money and keeps my family going. Sara’s getting blown off left and right with the job stuff so i gotta do what needs to be done. Sometimes...stuff is just more important than other stuff. You know more than anyone, I love my family man. I hate making people suffer but if somebody in...idk China, sweating a little more because its hot...saves my family...then I’ll do it. Don’t try and make it seem like it’s all me! Its THE MAN I will NOT be quiet. Matter needs to be heard. Stop acting stupid man. The big man and his “international friends”. The one that runs all this mess. The one who gives us all these orders knowing damn well we don’t wanna do it. Exaactly! now you got it. Yea! and then you got the frauds walking around here screaming SAVE MOTHER EARTH...GO GREEN. The only thing green about them is the money they got.

Follow the Money just all be completely honest and realistic here, okay? It’ll save everytimes time and energy. NOW, After reviewing the low reliability on coal usage (long term solution) we have decided to lower the amount of energy used in burning coal by 10%. This 10% will be distributed evenly amongst hydro and solar/wind. For Hydro Plan John here...thank dude...came up with the idea to design and install a watering system similar to the Waterworks in Philadelphia, PA, US. Gotta hire people to design and build and ummm...use tax money to pay for this. Is everyone with me...any questions...okay good. For the solar and wind part of the policy we’re gonna increase use of solar panels and tax cigarrettes and alcohol beverages so we can pay for it. And finally for the natural gas plan we need to stop fracking and reduce energy by 20%....use this 20% to install more wind turbines and solar panels. *audience claps* thank you...thank you...