Climate Change Monologue:

During this course we focused on climate change it's issues with our environment and animals. We watched videos, read articles, and did warm-ups to get a better understanding. My monologues are made up, but include factual things. My goals for this project were to catch the readers attention, give them some insight as to how serious climate change is, and do whatever they can to help us. These three monologues show exactly what climate change has done and what’s going to happen if we don't all take part in helping resolve this problem.

We Have a Purpose-First Monologue:

I am a large white bear. I live in Antarctica in the wild and in order to survive I need ice and food. Lately, it’s been hard for my babies and we've been struggling. There’s not enough ice for us it’s constantly melting, less and less food is becoming available. We know were perceived as dangerous, but really we just need all the help we can get. My family is dying and soon will be extinct.

Think of us as people in a way. Maybe we can be able to help you if you help us in some way. I know we're animals, but we also have a purpose in life. We need to be here as much as humans need to be here. We also strive to protect our loved ones we swim long distances, hunt for places to live, find prey and store for when its needed, etc. Were really dependent on our ice like humans are really dependent on each other and their jobs in order to survive.

Our lifespan shouldn't be cut short just because people won’t help us. We don’t affect anyone or harm anyone unless we’re threatened. Were actually quite interesting animals. We have strong legs and are white fur blends in with the ice. Underneath my skin is the color black which only appears on my nose. The paws on us help us to walk on the ice so that we don’t break it slip and fall. We have a bulky layer of fat that keeps in the heat it’s used mainly for swimming. Look at all the good qualities you're robbing from us.

Right now the ice is melting from underneath of me and there isn't anything I can do. We need the people or will be gone for good.

Our Animals-Second Monologue:

Hi guys, my name is Malika Johnson and I’m making this public service announcement for the entire community hoping one day someone will notice and take action on this situation we call “Climate Change.” I've been living near the rainforest since I was a little girl with my father and I've raised my family close to here thinking this would be the best place, but things have changed since my childhood. MAJOR THINGS- Our house is surrounded by trees and lots of land. Construction workers are now chopping down trees including the ones that surround our house. The rainforest is falling apart and we can’t take much more of these oil companies drilling into it. They are turning the space for animals into new neighborhoods. The government has a lot of control over preserving places like the rainforest and more. On top of that we have people who are currently hunting for the animals that live in the rainforest. The rainforest is being destroyed at an alarming rate. It’s affecting our eco-system. There are several species becoming extinct like toucans, parrots, golden lion tamarind monkeys, gorillas, orangutans, etc. because of the destruction of the rainforest. The rainforest is also necessary for the survival of us, our people. Golden lion tamarind monkeys are the most endangered animal species in the rainforest. Workers are using the monkeys fur to get money on the black market that can get up to 20,000 dollars. All of these species are threatened and we aren't doing enough if any at all. We can’t just be bystanders we have to help.

School Paper-Third Monologue:

Hi my name is Nicole Whitaker and I’m writing this paper to prove how climate change is affecting us (humans, the environment, and animals.)

So, there was a massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in the year 2010. It was the worst oil spill in history. The government has tried to have some control over the oil traveling to the beaches and other places, but they haven’t had much success. This spill has a major impact on communities, marine life, etc. It is now 2014 and oil still exists in the Gulf of Mexico.

The oil spill has gotten all over things like rocks, sands, plants, etc. and it makes it unsuitable for people to be there. Once the oil settles in the water it starts to contaminate the water and kill the fish and other creatures living in the sea. Sea birds are at risk the most because they have to go into the water to get there food which causes them to get covered in the oil that is deadly. It affects their ability to fly and they can die if they swallow the water. This has also affected bald eagles and shore birds. Sea turtles lay their eggs near shore and if they're infected by the oil then it’s a strong possibility they won't develop properly.

There are different amounts of oil in different areas and some are heavier than others. An oil spill is dangerous and harmful no matter the amount,kind, etc. So, if you would like to help please lend a hand, tell others, purchase dawn soap dish detergent to help the clean the birds covered in oil, and lots more. We all can help make this a better place.