Climate Change Monologue

In our World History class we have been focused around the topic of climate change and how it has affected the world as we know it. My monologues are centered around the idea of three different types of views on the issue. My first topic is around people who fully support the environment and do their part to not only help save the environment but to make the public aware of the issue, which is climate change. Another point of view that comes up in my monologues are people who do not see climate change as an important matter that should be put first as a priority over things like the economy or foreign relations and such. The last point of view that I really wanted to emphasize were those who are neutral or those who do see climate change as a issue in society but do not put forth any effort to help save the environment around them. Overall through my monologues I wanted to connect a lot of the information that we have gotten from the sources they we have either watched or read about that focus around the major issue of climate change. 

Banks Oil Company

(This take takes place on the phone while Stanley Banks reads his speech out loud to the CEO of the company in the home of Stanley Banks)

I am not here to beat around the bush or anything we all know why I am holding this meeting. This oil company is being run into the ground as you should know...Geez it’s amazing, to see how many people are hypocrites nowadays. Those who are trying to enforce the protection of the environment are using the very products that contribute to it.

Think about it, by stopping oil production what is going to happen to the same people who worked hard to get an education to work in the oil business? They will be out of a job. A lot of the government officials and environmentalist are saying that the people that lose their jobs and others can get jobs as an engineer to work on creating wind turbines to power cities but my question is how? These working class citizens who have no experience with this type of field will may not have the expertise with this. In order to educate them either they will have to go back to school or the government may have to take more of the tax payers dollars to fund these programs.

President Obama you want to get Americans working, thats great and all, I have been all for the bills that have been passed by Congress to accomplish this. However correct me if I am wrong Mr. President those bills that you passed were for the benefit of Americans and now you want to take away not only the jobs of Americans in the country that you want to lead so graciously but the energy as well? Taking away fossil energy would be going against progress. But people please do not think of me as a rude man trying to mock his nation’s leader. I am just trying to let Americans know the consequences of the Government passing these bills and acts that could set America and maybe even other nations who maybe follow the U.S down a path of no return.

Fifty or so years ago this wasn’t even the biggest issue in our nation was it? No, the Civil Rights movement was our biggest concern. The civil unrest of Americans at the point in time and centuries before was idiotic, and it was all based on the pigmentation of someones skin. Congress people shunned a whole race for the color of their skin, what do you think people will do when you take the use of fossil fuel based energy away from their lives.

CNN Newsroom

(An Environmentalist Leader is making a speech on the CNN Newsroom about Climate Change)

I don’t want to sugar coat anything that I say after this point but I have to speak my mind about this topic. Climate change is the most important issue that human beings as a whole should be focusing on. It is not a matter of what country this affects, who has the power to do something, how much time we have, No...It is all about do people understand that we are all contributing to the downfall of the Earth that we have so graciously taken away from for centuries?

I don’t care to hear from people that I have interviewed that say: Oh I don’t litter, I recycle, I see it as a problem, someone should do something. First have the people who have given me these invoices actually thought about what they are saying you are criticizing people about not only littering or contributing to the issue of climate change but you people who don’t take any actions to save the Earth are making yourselves out to be hypocrites. Are you actually giving awareness to the public and making people understand that they need to not only read about what the human civilization is doing to the mother of us, but are you taking the little steps to save the Earth.

There is a famous, well not a famous, well its famous to me thats all that matters but anyway there is a quote that speaks to me and should speak to everyone. And I quote: ¨Change doesn’t happen because you click like on Facebook.¨ That should speak to everyone who doesn’t take any actions to do something to save the Earth that we all live on. This should inspire those who are active members of climate change groups to at themselves as role models in order to get other people to take action.

It is spectacular to see basically every single nation leaders around the world who are role models to the public make idiotic speeches about how important the environment is but yet they do not emphasize the significance of how everyone needs to do their part to stop this monumental catastrophe in the world. Most people who are listening to my speech may be offended or moved or angry but obviously from everything that I have seen so far has proven to me that mankind will not take action to fight against climate change until it is already too late.

The World Awareness Show

(A World Awareness show that informs the public on global issues that Americans should be conscious about)

Is it on?...Push the button on the right (feels the microphone for the button). I don’t see it, you said the right side right?...Sorry folks we will start in a few seconds. (Walks to off stage to turn on the mic) All right I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Now I am going to talk a little bit about the show first we are going to have a question section to really key in the audience here and those who are viewing at home about the main issue we are focusing on for the week. Then the heavy stuff will start to come in. This is just pilot so I want to thank everyone in audience for coming your invoices on our online web page has given me the opportunity to come up on stage to talk to all you fine folk today. (Looks to the stage director and starts his show)

Okay now I want to start off with a question, what is the greatest issue that the world is facing and has been facing for a while? Yes you in the third row...Yeah white shirt what are your thoughts...Wars and terrorist yes that is a very pressing matter at this day and age but no. Can we get another. Purple shirt in the 7th row what are your thoughts...Education huh, good guess and while it is it is not the answer we are looking for. Um how about another... (Looks to the director who tells him to hurry it up) Okay because we are running out of time here lets get three more. You, you, and you yell your answers out...Government Policies, Poverty, and... Climate! Ding Ding Ding we have a winner correct. Climate change is the most pressing matter that everyone should be looking into at this point in time. Now before you all walk out of the room or change the channel at home hear me out for a second. We all saw how only one person out of five gave me the answer of climate change when I asked my question in percentages that is only 20%. That is a small percentage when you think about it and that is basically the amount of people who are climate change aware and take their time in order to make a difference not matter the significance from what I have seen so far. Although these are not real percentages these should speak to people who feel as though climate change is a problem but yet do not take any action.

Let me ask people in the audience and here as well is the plastic from a Reese’s bar worth risking the lives of our children who will inherit the world in years to come. It doesn’t matter how much people try to justify whether they are doing their part in saving the environment. All people do is take and take and take from the Earth yet we do nothing to try and save it.