Climate Change Monologue (Niah Lombo and Reily Knott)


*yawn * its time for work…. what class am i teaching today? ohh I think 4th grade….. dam it’s foggy outside? where is my car ? *cough cough* I can't breath.. oh here it is...Hello class please pull out your homework from last night. Junjay why are you late to my class? Are you okay? Can you breath? Hows your lungs? Wheres your inhaler…. okay now breath…… okay?..  *(to himself) its the air?*  kim shut all the windows right now!! Chin hand me my phone!! hurry run! *calls someone* hello yes I think theres something wrong with the air? yeah its hard to breath right now and junjay the kid with the lung problems can’t breath! yes we shut all the windows… hmm okay….yeah sure thanks…Class calm down… shhh everything is okay…. shhhh okay ready freetime...Just wait one minute junjay help is on the way.. Do you have a question hang?.. Oh this is what happens when there is pollution in the air…. ummm are you guys sure? I mean it’s a pretty big subject to learn in 4th grade.. okay sure give me a minute to set up (30 seconds later) Okay class we are going to learn about air pollution… so Air pollution is a mixture of solid particles and gases in the air. It occurs when the air contains harmful amount of gases, dust, fumes and odors. 70% of the air pollution caused in Chinese cities is due to tailpipes….Air can be polluted both indoors and outdoors.. Tobacco and other kinds of smoking are examples of indoor air pollution. Motor vehicles produce more air pollution than any other single human activity. One full commuter bus can mean 40 less cars going through your neighborhood.  So that’s one reason why walking and riding bikes are good for you and the environment…….. So that’s everything that you will understand ummm so yeah any questions?........... um can you die from it? well yes you can but thats if you consume a lot of it… no you guys didn't consume much, you guys are fine… junjay how you feeling? can you breath? don't worry help is on it’s way…….. *sirenes goes off*

Richie Rich

(on the phone) Yes sir listen to me okay! I want a house built right next to my other house? Because I have all the money in the world, so why wouldn't I spend it? Yeah I live next to a forest…. Ummmm yeah there are a lot of trees *under his breath* “dumb ass” Look listen I don't have time for you to lecture me about saving trees okay? Trees make paper and paper makes money so the more trees chopped down the better…. Okay dude just tell me how much it’s gonna cost? and how long will it take?... Can you start today? hmmmm how about in 3 hours? okay good see you then…. *hangs up phone* god dam tree hugger… okay so what should I do now? ooo I can post on my blog because everyone will want to know what I am doing *laughes* … *types on the computer* “well hello peasants lol, so today in the life of richie rich I will be building another house in the forest behind me. And since none of you have a life you can come and watch the king get his castle 2.0 built.” hmmmm okay and post…….. *YELLS* “Donna”…... make yourself useful and go make me a sandwich… no crust and light mayo………. *YELLS* “And bring me a glass of sparkling water”........ hmmm lets count my money *chuckles*  $500….$1,000.. 2,000….$5,000… *DING* ooooo a notification………….. hm John Walks commented on your post… “Dear Mr.Richie Rich I hope you know what you are doing to the environment,  By cutting down trees you are reducing the number of CO2 that is consumed by trees. Trees consume CO2 to conduct photosynthesis and turn it into O2 which is released. kept a result of the CO2, more heat is contained within the atmosphere because CO2 is a heavier gas and heat has a harder time escaping from it. So by cutting down trees for you castle is contributing to global warming. You can't stop heat with your money now can you?”..... um wow I didn't see it like that?.... wheres my phone I gotta stop this order………. Hello um yes I had called an order in about an hour ago?.. yeah that was me, um yeah I would like to stop that order?... yeah… yup.. a change in heart i guess.. yup now can I get a tree house built? Will that help the environment?.. oh yeah wait that involves trees…. okay that’s it.. so yeah thanks. by…… *YELLS* “Donna is my sandwich done”.


wow its so gloomy outside?.... this better not mess up my date with johnny….. okay blue or the red dress…. *BANG* what the h…….. AHHHHHHHHH HELP… Where is all this water coming from…. Sh** its coming up the steps…. omg omg omg what should I do? Climb out the window! … the water is coming in fast. it stinks so bad…. god damit why won't this window open!!! HELP SOMEONE HELP…. finally this thing opens.  Holy crap I can’t see the street, its flooded, this whole town is flooded…. the water is still rising. I have to get to higher ground?.... The roof! Okay don’t look down… you got this kelly, don’t look down…….. okay breath you won’t fall….. yes I made it……. omg… look at this town… its completely covered…. *cries* oom-g i’m gonna die, noooooooooo…… HELP ME SOMEONE HELP ME…….. hello? did someone just call me?... HELLO?.. HELLO…….. OMG JOHNNY WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!!! Are you okay? I should have listen to professor Gerry….. What?... yes my professor was telling us how Global warming is partly to blame for  heavy rainfall events and floods. Because warmer air can hold more moisture, heavier precipitation is expected in the years to come. But i thought he was just crazy… I don’t know it was early in the morning when he said this.. what else did he say? well he said As the climate system changes in accordance to more CO2 we released that by polluting our atmosphere we literally pull the carpet under our own feet….. I don't know.. so what do we do…. WATCH OUT FOR THE BRANCH… AHHHHHH.  *slash noise* ewww this water is dirty… johnny where are you? JOHNNY… swim towards me I see you!! I need help I can’t swim….. help me up.. thanks. are you sure I think there is more room on the door that I’m floating on?... okay.. how can we prevent this from happening again? ummm well my professor said that   Important steps include discouraging development in flood-prone areas and protecting the natural systems, such as wetlands, that help to buffer against floods…. yup…… do you hear that? Its a person?... OMG johnny look its help!.. Johnny? No johnny no wake up no JOHNNY (Titanic song plays). NOOOOOOO…. HELP OVER HERE!!!


Hello everyone thank you for letting me come to career day, So my name is Robert Vick and I am a firefighter here in Colorado. So one issue that we firefighters face that the world is not really aware of is Wildfires.. Does anyone know what that is?...... A wildfire is an uncontrolled fire occurring in wildland areas, which can  consume houses. Wildfires often begin unnoticed, but they spread quickly igniting brush, trees and homes. And its very hard to put the fire out, once one it started it spreads through the woods very quickly… and its not safe to be around, not safe to breath and causes a of smoke. Everyone thinks that most wildfires are started by humans but really its caused by global warming… yup shocking right?... who knew that already?......hmmm okay so ¼ out of the class knew..And its only going to get worse…  climate change and other pressures are causing more intensified firestorms, sparking more damage and putting wildlife more at risk… so does anyone have any questions so far?.... yes you in the green shirt?....... How else does wildfires affect us?.. Well it  contributes carbon to the atmosphere. As this cycle progresses, climate change and wildfires both increase in frequency and severity…. Anyone else? Yes you in the pink flower hat……………. Im sorry i couldn't hear you, can you repeat that? Oh, how could you help prevent it?.. Okay well you guys can Ride bikes to school, walk, recycle, offset your carbon purchase, and plant trees. Thank you all for being a good audience, Hope you have a great school year.  See you soon, hopefully not because of a fire…...

Clean Air

(walking to school)

As I walk to school in the morning sometimes I look up at the sky and see the dark muted grays that have taken  over the once blue beautiful skies and the humid weather in October. And I wonder why nobody ever taught me about my effect on the environment. California used to be a great place man i mean besides the fact the all the ice cream places are now juice bars, but that's besides the point. Suddenly a big group of people come walking past me. Oh and by the way i'm not very popular so… *eyes rolling and shoulders shrugging*  its a rare occasion that multiple people come to me. Hey give me my paper back i need that for science. I assuming none of these kids had a idea that this paper on climate change could affect my grade in a good way or….a very bad way. HEY HEY i need that paper. C'mon guys. On wait you just didn't do you paper…. You could've just asked I would've help. Look nobody really understands the damage climate change can do to our everyday life. *everybody around takes about paper* Okay so let me break this down for you nice and slow. Climate change is caused by many things. Water vapor most know as greenhouse gasses ,this increases as the Earth's atmosphere gets warmer, and so the the possibility of rain, clouds and participation. Carbon dioxide is let into the atmosphere by natural causes such as cutting down trees and all that natural stuff. *takes a deep breath* Are you guys getting any of this? Okay….I’ll take that And you know when you're too lazy walk to school or wherever you go. Your parents drive…. Yeah well just let them know they’re killing the earth. But actually i just remembered why am i even helping you guys... You tried to shove me in a locker yesterday. GIVE ME MY PAPER, your own your own now..