Climate Change Monologue Project

Part 1

For this unit of our History class, we focused on climate change, and man's effect on the globe. In order to express this, we wrote three monologues from the point of view of people affected by (or affecting) the world's climate. This can mean anything from global warming, to deforestation, to habitat loss. My goal while writing my monologues was to show how large corporations damage the environment for their personal gains.

Part 2

Metaphores Dear Mayor Johnson, It's frank from school, remember me? I work at a coal plant in New York now, but I’ve got the week off. I kept meaning to write to you. Today, I went to the doctor because of a recurring cough and chest pain, and I found out that I have lung cancer, despite never smoking a day in my life. It couldn't have been hereditary, because my doctor said that it looked like I was smoking a pack a day for 20 years. This was shocking and confusing, but when the doctor started talking about my job it started to become clearer. I always used to love the smell of burning coals, but I didn't even know before today that it could be that harmful to your health. I asked around among my coworkers, too, and they said that they were always coughing and wheezing too, even when they were off-duty. This seems like a bad trend, and I’m puzzled because in the 15 years I've been working in this plant, the system has barely changed at all. I'm starting to think that I should've gotten that job as an accountant. While I was thinking about the effects on myself, I started thinking about the effect that it has on the ozone layer. If we only breathe in some of this stuff and it’s doing this, just imagine what it’s doing to the atmosphere, which is getting the full force of the smoke. According to NASA’s website, the ozone layer is already depleted way below normal levels, and scientists also say that there might not be a way to make it grow back, and the consequences could be catastrophic! So please Joe, as a favor for an old friend, start cracking down on pollution soon! Sincerely, Frank Smith.
Oil Spill Man, it sure is great to be a duck, not having to deal with all the problems the humans have. (Breathes in) Yeah, today’s gonna be a great-- Hey, what's this? Eww, it's all sticky! I just took a shower, too! Wait a sec, is this oil? Man, those humans are at it again, spilling their oil everywhere, on our food, our beaches. It's so infuriating! And look, there’s more washing to shore! Who do they think they are barging in here going completely by their own agendas? To me, that just seems selfish and immature. I mean, how would they like it if a whole bunch of bears busted into New York and started leaving their droppings everywhere and eating everyone? It’s unjust, and I want representation! It’s just too bad that animals can’t go to law school. If there was an animal lawyer, he would make tons of money. The polar bears in the arctic would probably make millions from their homes being destroyed, and maybe we could get some humans to clean up their mess here. Hey, it could actually be really simple. We could get together a team of animal lawyers. I could be one, we could get an elephant, maybe some deer, then we could all go to Harvard and get law degrees! This is the best plan ever! (Transition to college admissions office) You're going to accept all of us? Great! Thanks so much Mr. Superintendant, you won't regret this. (Transition to court room) So your honor, these elk were recklessly injured because of these two delinquents and their assault rifles. We request the amount of 500 trillion dollars in compensation and 100 million hours of community service. (Transition to the Oval Office) Well, we did it. We sued the humans out of all their money and now they all work for us. The world is greener than it ever was before. God bless the United States of Duckmerica!
The Lie detector Hi everyone, I’m Bob Dudley, the CEO of BP. I’m here today to address the tragic incident on one of our oil freighters yesterday which left the Mexican Gulf crippled by oil pollution. Now, in response to the public’s view on the honesty of big corporation executives, I’ve decided to wear this lie detector on my head based entirely on my own free will. (BZZT) Ok, some of it was from PR, but only some. (BZZT) Jeez! Can’t you guys make this thing a little more lenient? No? Ok, well our first question comes from Mike Sanchez from Florida. He asks "Dear Mr. Dudley, what are your opinions on climate change?" Well I obviously think it's our biggest concern. (BZZT) I mean Besides orphans! (BZZT) And homeless! (BZZT) I mean money, alright? Is that really so bad?! Next question comes from Billy Matherson from Missouri. He writes “Mr. Dudley, can you tell everyone your main reason for starting the repairs so fast?” Well Billy, it was because we at BP care so much about the animals in the gulf, and… (BZZT) I mean because it’s harming the fragile ecosystem… (BZZT) Ah! Well it’s definitely not just to turn a profit… (BZZT) Ok, ok, next question! This one is from Mr. John Davis from Idaho. He asks "Mr. Dudley, how do you feel about the oil's effect on undersea life?" Well, there's definitely not going to be an issue with the fish. (BZZT) (SIGH) Well, looks like that’s all we have time for tonight. Thanks for watching everyone. We at BP are trying our hardest to repair the gulf, I guarantee it. (BZZT) Ow, dangit!

Part 3

The password is "SLA".

World History Climate Monologue Project from Colin Pierce on Vimeo.

Note: The last sentence was cut off. He says "Sincerely, Frank Johnson."