Climate Change Monologue Project

In our World History class we were learning about the impact of climate change on our world. Climate change is the earth's climate changing for a long time. I learned that climate change is mainly caused by what people are doing to the earth. We treat the earth as though it doesn't matter and that not only affects us but the animals and the earth as well. Due to climate change disasters are happening all the time such as melting glaciers in the arctic region which cause the polar bear population to rapidly decline. Another, thing is the natural disasters that are happening due to climate change. There are many horrid things that are happening due to climate change and we as humans are contributing to these problems. We need to come together and care more about the earth before its to late and then something drastic happens that we can't push to the side anymore. My three monologues tells the stories of certain characters  that are affected by climate change

Teylor Ellerbe

Iron stream

World History

Melting and Gone

( waking up for morning time) I can't believe papa hasn't come back from his hunting trip. He said we were going to play our favorite game “ walk like a penguin” but he hasn't been back since the last full moon, and that was 5 days ago mama says. I wonder why momma prays to the spirit gods at night every night, this must mean papa is in trouble. I really hope papa comes home tomorrow. My 12 birthday is coming up I’m becoming a woman soon papa has to be here he just has to be. ( walks outside) Finally the men are back from the hunting  trip, but where’s papa and what are they carrying. It’s look like a big seal or body. “mama what's that’s, what are they carrying where is papa.” “I don't want to be quite where is papa.” “ Papa ! ....Papa ! …. Papa !. “Where is my dad !” “ He’s what he can’t be I just …. You're lying stop Lying please wheres my dad ( starts crying). Why does this have to happen to me , I have been good I pray to the spirit gods everyday, I feed the dogs, I help mama around the house this is not fair. Papa can't be dead he can't we didn't sing our favorite song for my birthday. He always called me his sweet Etenia right before I blew the candles out. I bet this because of all the ice melting. He promised he would stay away from that ice. I just wanna blame somebody … This is all the stupid Americans fault they have everything to do with this. With their big smoke houses blowing gas in the air and the way they throw dirt and stuff on the ground is horrible. Now my beautiful Alaska  is melting and my papa is dead, who knows what else could happen. Momma may be right after all. These Americans have angered the spirited gods for to long and now they have really done it destroying our beautiful world and taking lives. They are going to pay, their all are going  to pay.

Your Are now Leaving Colorado

( watching the trees) Still till this day I don't understand why the spirit gods gave me the name Napayshni. For crying out loud the name means courageous. As I watch the colors of amber oranges and lust reds cover my friends head to toe I think am I next. For one thing I know I am not courageous, watching my friends fall bark by bark, leaf by leaf, and branch by branch I think Napayshni in no way are you courageous enough to save any of them. These colors seem to spread fast, I wonder what they are ? All I know is that they do something to my friends. It looks so painful. I want to stop hearing the screams of my friends as the colors swarm them swallowing them whole. There’s another life, soul even air taken away. My friends are what make up this place we are everywhere. We blend so well with the mountains and rivers. Why would anyone want to get rid of such a beautiful place that we helped create. These colors smell of the black clouds coming out from the big brick houses. Factories I believe thats what the humans call them I really don’t know, can't really trust those humans. They make the strange midnight clouds that cover me from leaves to roots. Now that I think about it, just yesterday a bunch of humans came out and started creating these colors. They never put it out, they just left it there and then the colors started to move upwards. I didn't know those colors could run so fast the way they did. I also wonder if the humans have to do with the temperature going up. The hotter it is the more colors you see, everything always has to do with humans they made these colors. They are killing off anyone now and soon they're going to kill off their self soon. The colors are getting closer to me now. This is all to scary I don't know what to do. I wish I could move but I’m stuck to the ground. “Your are now leaving Colorado” what a strange sign. The colors are close to me. I really wish my friend would stop calling my name. Courageous he calls, courageous he keeps saying but courageous I am not. The colors are swarming me now, they are turning me to the dust like they do my friends. This hurts really bad. Its killing me. “Your are now leaving Colorado.” I guess that sign is right, I really am now.

No More Fight Left

( walking to find food) “ Naga , Naga all the time she calls me.” I wish my mother would stop calling me. I know don't go near the sharp ice or don't go near the small ice. Stay away from the water. Sessh I’m old enough to walk on my own mama I don't need you babying me. I wonder what's so wrong with playing with the ice. Its so small and looks fun I just wanna touch it. the ice does stick to my white fur we can match, so why stay away from something that matches me.Mhmm when mama doesn't look I’ll go play over there. All I know is i'm so hungry I wish we didn't have to walk so far for food. Since the ice becomes smaller we walk long distances. All this walking isn't good for mama. It takes away all her energy and now she says my baby brother went to the spirit gods to fast because she has no energy. I really don't understand why all this is happening to Alaska. Momma say because of the temperature rising or because the earth is warming. I guess when it gets hot the the ice melts a lot . Its been shrinking a lot lately we haven’t been able to catch any seals for food. I haven’t had any food and 3 days thats to long for a me to go. I think mama hurts more than me though. When we do find some food, mama gives it to me. She is becoming more weak and frail by the second. Somebody has to to help my momma she can't walk any longer, the ice needs to get bigger again momma can't give anymore babies to the spirit gods any longer she needs rest. She needs somebody to save her. I always compare my momma to the earth. They both hurt , they both cry and they both are broken. The earth just has a little more fight then momma. Soon the earth and mamma are not going to have anything left to fight , then were really going to be in trouble.