Climate Change monologue project



[ A boy is sitting on a dock looking at the water. ]

Why is this water so dark? My friends are telling me that the fish look bad and they wont touch it.  Dad I wish were here you would be as scared as me. The water is getting worse every time I come up here. What scares me is what if I have to move? I will not move till its the worst. Dad I promised you that I would never leave but that may be my only choice. Our little town has almost all gone accept for the fisherman. There must be away to fight back this dark water. You always said the worst will all ways past and I hope it does.

[pause ] reality

¨Hey jay - I am good- you are leaving when - I see - I will stop by later - I know the water is getting bad- I am with my uncle- He may not stay there is not money coming in- I don't want that to be an option this is my home- ok I will see you later.

[goes back into thought]

Dad I been thinking about all the times you and I used to fished here. You said the world endless and that fish will always need to be caught. The sea was so clear you could see all the rocks that fish would jump out. Now the water is dark and you can’t see anything in the water. You made me feel like everything was going to be good even if it was not.  

I believe there something wrong but what? The loss of my town is scary. Everybody is leaving what is there left to save? I want to fight this but its almost a disease that killing everything I love. Dad I hope you know I would never do anything that would change our life we had made here. But its not safe to stay.  


World with worry

[Women is on stage at a conference]

Hello everybody thanks for coming today. My name is Anne and over the last few years my life has changed. Living in New York in Manhattan I never thought in a million years I would ever be speaking on climate change. But my last job has change my mind on climate change.

[sites in a chair in the front of stage]

My job was working for a large company and we built keyboards for computers. I never really thought of what really goes into the manufacturing of the keyboards. I worked hard on design with a design team. We all wanted a perfect design that could pull in the big bucks. One day I was walking home looking up at the sky. I Started to think where do things come from.  How are they built. We all have theses ideas but to make your ideas you have to make the product.

[stand up and stares into audience]

I started to question where my company. I knew that there was outsourcing involved. But I later learned that the mass production was being in Asia in large factories that had a high rate of chemicals that were really hurting the environment and the people inside the factories. I was fired and yet no matter how much I try to not think about what this company had done it stuck with me. I believe all theses companies need to change and understand that factories and plants are killing us without knowing or caring. So I want to stand against this and change the air because I want my kids and the future to have a healthy and happy place to live.  


A life change in a moment

[A man sites on porch writing ]

Dear Prime Minister Enda Kenny,

My name is Charlie I am writing to  you because my family farm is being destroyed. The land that I live on and have my family farm on is getting worse every day. Everyday I see crops stop growing and there is nothing I can do but watch.  My life is being torn apart every moment of every day. There is no complete answer.

You and your friends watch as the things we need in life are being striped away. I believe you can make a change one that can have a huge impact on what’s going on. To be angry at you means I need to know you which I don't. There are many farms that need even more help than mine and peoples homes and land are being taken away.

As there is no money coming in. I hope you understand that just waiting till all the farms have all disappeared and there is nothing left is a very bad idea. If we can change what's going on now we can change the course of where all these farms futures are going towards.