Climate Change Monologue Project

​In the first unit of World history, we learned and explored the serious effects of global climate change. The primary greenhouse gas that is responsible for climate change, carbon dioxide has been mainly emitted through human activities.  Climate change has always existed, but has progressively worsen. We furthered our knowledge on the topic as we watched various videos and researched the potential future effects of climate change on our environment.  We were asked to create characters and describe their relationship with climate change, while informing the reader about the global issue. My goal is to leave the reader with information and for them to know that no matter who you are, we're all experiencing the effects of this global issue.

Monologue #1

Job Regulation   (Clarise,  New York, Works at Sanitation department, 40 year old, single mother, 3 kids, )

The boss just asked to see me in 5 minutes. I really hope it’s not about coming in late yesterday. I have three kids, I’m a single parent. What does he expect from me ? I’m living paycheck to paycheck ! Maggy just started school... which reminds me, she has back to school night. Ugh, Nooo ! I have a late shift that night…. Has it been 5 minutes yet ? I think so.….Wait that’s him calling me now. Before you say anything else Mr.Rogers, I just want to apologize for being late the other day. My son Tommy, remember him ? He got sick, his asthma has been acting up really baa ( stopped in mid sentence) Oh so if it’s not about that, what is it about ? As the member of the sanitation department our goal is to keep the area cleaned, we recycle and try to the best of our ability to keep things cleaned. Is that what you called me in here for, to ask what this department does ? Okay. Yes, I am aware of the Amendment to the clean air act. It’s aiming to reduce acid rain caused by power plant emissions. I don’t remember how much the estimated cost would be to do this. 7.5 billion really ? We don’t have that money no way. I have said it time and time again enviromental protection is much too expensive for our economy.  I don’t understand, Mr. Rogers you called me here to have a discussion about climate change ? Yes, I would appreciate it if you just cut to the chase.  You had to lay some people off ? (Pause) I was one of them. (holds mouth and begins to cry.) I have three kids, what do I tell them ? Find another job ? It’s not that easy BOSS ! So, your telling me hard working people, are going to lose their jobs because you want to purchase cleaner equipment, and use sulfur dioxide and some nitrogen crap. Is having a cleaner environment the main priority right now ?  Now, that people have let pollution get out of hand, we’re just supposed to hurry and spend money to just try to stop it now. This has been going, it didn’t just pop up. It’s just noticeable now. How will you feed your family tonight ? Billy, Mandy, and your wife ? No ! No ! You can’t do this. (Long Pause, wipes tears) No, you won’t have to call them, I’ll get my things and go.

Monologue #2

Crop Growth ( Tica, Female, 16 year old, Africa, eldest of all her siblings, 2 sisters and one brother.)

As I wake, I wipe the crust from the eyes that have been held open from the night before. The sun pierces my eyes, but it feels good. I look forward to being  awakening by the sun. It is true, the world does revolve around the sun. I thank god for it everyday. Without it , how would I be able to feed my brothers and sisters. Mother leaves at 6 today, because she has to be at the bus early. Last time she almost missed it . I’m glad she didn’t because no work is no pay. So, this means I I I I have to get the kids dressed and fed for school. Sometimes I miss school,  this week has been awful, but I have to help mom. Since Dad is gone. I think about him when I’m plowing the fields everyday. He always said that if you're plowing has a rhythm it goes much faster. (Pull, dig, dig, pull, dig)  He was the strongest man I knew. (Huff)  It’s 8 o clock already, I should go wake the girls up so they can get washed. Onikaaaaa Tukaaaaa. Stop arguing just hurry and get clean ! Okay, now they’re up let me go get breakfast ready. ( Sigh) We’re out of rice. I thought I sent Mabitu to the field for more yesterday. He never listens, that why he stays in trouble. He’ll learn one day. It’s been so hot lately, the sun is beating upon my neck as if I stole from it. The rice isn’t ready to picked yet. (Pause)  that explains why he didn’t bring them in. Now that I think about it, It’s been three days without rainfall.  Rain is what affects the balance and nourishment of the seeds. How can anything grow without it. (Papa told me that)  I do remember Zimbawe, the wise one of the village. He mentioned something about none of the crops growing, due to the changing of the weather. He said  With the change of weather, the distribution of the plant seeds are messed up, so not only will our crops not be able to grow to their full potential, their won’t be many of thee (Stops in mid sentence)  Yesss, I’m out here ! I’ll be in there, in a second.  It’s almost time for you guys to leave out. We won’t be having rice this morning, I know, I know. Each one of you take a apple. Make sure you eat it, I don’t care if you don’t want it. I’ll have dinner ready when you come home. (Door shuts) ( Sits down) Will I ?

Monologue #3

Human Health ( Robby, Malawi, 17 year old boy, Sjögren’s Syndrome, practicing for presentation.)

Good Morning,  How's everyone feeling ? I’m here to talk about the climates impact on health. Some of you may walk away with the feeling of wanting to help, others with the feeling why do I care. But the goal I hope to accomplish is only making you aware of it. Let me tell you a little about who I am.  My name is Robby I was diagnosed with Sjögren's syndrome when I was 6 years old, I am now 17. It was a shock to everyone, because no one had the syndrome in the family, so it wasn’t hereditary. At first we thought I had lupus, but with a serious amount of other tests ran we discovered the real thing was Sjögren’s Syndrome. I used to feel like an outcast, I was different, I couldn’t do what other kids did. The simple things I couldn’t do. for a while my  best friend was an oxygen mask. When I started to get better and regularly take my medicine, I started to meet people with the same disease. In school, I had more confidence and I actually began to join different groups. I started to invest my time in environmental science. It became a hobby. You have any water ? Thank you, my mouth was a little dry. (Clears throat) I’m sorry class, Okay good, I’ll continue. Around the time of the spring that just passed, I started to experience a more intense pain. Every so often I would have this feeling, my heart would  run a mile a minute. At any moment it felt like it would burst. My chest would tighten like a fist beginning to close. I’ve never took anything for granted, because that feeling burned in my chest every time I did. Of course my parents and I  were worried so I went back to the doctors. I was switched to different and stronger medicines. One of my doctors mentioned the change in my health might be due to the environmental changes. I was very book savvy and already involved in science so I did some research. I found that climate change affects those with respiratory issues and allergies. Along with asthma, food borne, insect borne, and heat related issues. The respiratory and allergy related issues applied to me, so I did further research. The spring pollen season was happening earlier and lasting longer. For example, Ragweed is a popular flowering plant and it was shown that the amount of pollen production is increased during this spring season. Tests on Ragweeds also showed that high carbon dioxide concentrations and temperatures increased the amount. This not only told me that I needed to take my medicine, but told me there are high carbon dioxide levels. This carbon dioxide is causing climate change and pollution is due to carbon dioxide emissions.  (Gasp),  I just said a lot . Everyone with me ? Kinda ? No ? Okay. So all this carbon dioxide we’re producing is polluting our air and effecting things that we may not know about. Which is our health. I thought this needed to be shared to other people, as young children we may feel like we can’t make big changes. But we sometimes fell to realize the little things we do can contribute to the big. Awareness is change, people’s knowledge and views change due to awareness. Twice a week I visit schools like yours and find kids who are interested in taking apart in the this movement. Thank you for your time. A you all have been a great audience. (Sigh of  relief)  Okayyyy mom, I’ll be down in a sec. I Guess I better run through it again after dinner so I’ll be ready for the big day tomorrow.

Monologue #2 
Crop Growth Video