Climate Change Monologue Project

Authors: Sherell Messing & Aissatou Bah​

Our unit of study included days of research on ways to fix climate change and ways it is caused. We watched videos and read articles about the different problems that are in the midst of being solved and discussed by a higher power. Our goal for these monologues is not only to make everyone aware of how climate change is badly affecting people around the world but to show them that there is something that can be done about it. We want to describe in as much detail as possible to explain the seriousness of it all. Ice caps are melting, the temperature of water is changing, humans are being physically injured around the world, and animals are going extinct. We are polluting the air and scientists warn that climate change is only going to get worse. Our monologues provide information describing the different effects it has in different parts of the world and with different species. We know what and what not to do in the future to help prevent climate change from becoming worse. These monologues are prime diverse examples of how creatures and humans are being affected. All children and adults around the world should take the time to play their part to help slow down, if not stop, the affects of climate change. It is in our hands to make a difference, one person at a time.

"Too Hard To Adapt"

As I woke, nothing but white was in my view… No friends, no family, no nothing. My home of a fallen dead tree was frozen over and covered in a sticky ice to my fur. Sleeping behind this tree takes away the night breeze that solidifies my heart. I was stuck in an empty world surrounding me. I had no hope for a new beginning because there wasn't anywhere to start from. Am I sliding? Everyday I would walk in different directions. I would say paths but there weren't any to be seen… there never were. Each step I took made me worry for my life. I knew that one day my next step will be my last. Its rolling faster.

The memory of my mother breaks into crumbs in the back of my mind. I have no guide… I never did. Trying to remember her, I question my existence. I’m gliding more! Why haven't I adapted to this lifestyle yet? Maybe it is just simply unadaptable to begin with, but why? I can't remember her sound but I can remember her stories. They told of times where life was, at what I thought to be, smooth and workable. A place worth living in. Somethings happening! At least, compared to everything I witnessed… nothing but white was in my view. I had never yet reached the age where I collected food on my own, not that there was food anyway. Whats the point now?

Oh no, I’m falling..I don’t want to! No not yet. Please. (Shivering) I don’t deserve this. I didn't do anything wrong. My home is completely submerging into this gunk. I am falling...sinking...breaking... beneath the cracked ice. No i don’t want to die, no not like this …

What's happening?… I do not understand… will this… happen to everyone?... If there is an anyone?… Ah! My eyes?… its covering my trunk… I know… I was made…  to die… but to die… for what reason?...

"It Always Repeats"

Yawn. I am surprised the sun didn't blind me this morning. Oh no, what’s this? Every time I look outside my window there is something different, but today, oh no today I  can’t describe this. I can’t believe that I’m going to sit here and talk to myself like the crazy people on TV do. It’s actually not that bad. But boy do I need to clear mind head. I don’t know what to do. Oh my god, WHY IS THE ROOM SHAKING? Oh all of my stuff is going to get wet. There is so much water. Mom! Mom! Where are you?

Yes mom I’m fine, are you okay? Oh thank god you’re okay. Mom! Say something, why are you just laying there? Mom I can’t hear anything you’re saying. Stop mumbling. Mom say something. Mom please. PLEASE SAY SOMETHING MOM. Oh no mom, you have blood on the back of your head. MOM I need to get help. I should go call Mr. Douglass next door. Wow that’s a lot of water. All of the beautiful trees are falling and this is just a whole big mess. Oh my god I hate climate change. It’s because of climate change that all of this keeps happening.

MS.DOUGLASS open the door! I need help! Yes mom has gotten hurt again because of tsunami. Oh Ms. Douglass thank you, why didn't I think of that. You’re going to be fine mom, don’t worry. Oh Ms. Douglass when do you think this is going to stop happening? I know i'm only 8 years old but i can help. I mean, I know people do not really taking care of the earth but why does it keep happening to us here in Japan? You’re right, we do need to stand up and do something. But do you think everyone else is willing to try?

"A Long Journey"

I am walking across this heated sand. The sun is burning my shell, it feels as if I am going to melt. Why does it have to be so hot everyday? This air is humid and difficult to take into my weary lungs. I better hurry up and find a spot in the sand before nightfall comes. By that time I’d be freezing to death. I wish there was an in between weather. This sand is way too hot to walk on. It is not like I can move any faster anyway, I’m a turtle for gods sake.

Nope, this spot is too close to the sand, and I’m scared to go near the water because of all the trash the humans throw in there. I might get wrapped around a plastic bag and just die. Wait, the temperature will affect the gender of my babies. That won’t be good. Oh, the sun is going down, I must find a place soon. On second thought, I can’t lay my eggs near the water because the sea levels are rising.

When they hatch they must be able to roam towards the water after experiencing the sands sight. Or maybe it the water was cleaner it would be better. I feel trapped I can’t stay on the sand and going into the water is a big risk. I think I’ll just take a risk. I just take the risk of losing these eggs and losing my life. Maybe if the ocean was better I wouldn't be in this mess.

"Too Little Too Late"

Yes my name is Johanna, and it is my son that was injured by the earthquake. I have been waiting in this red cross hut for 2 hours just for you to see my son! No, I will not calm down. Do not tell me to stop yelling! My child is going to die, then what will I do? Yes baby, I’m here for you. I won’t leave you. How many times do you need me to explain to you what happened? What kind of a doctor are you? For the hundredth time, because of the earthquake, a building collapsed on him and now he is complaining of his chest hurting, he is all bruised up. If you can’t see that he is in pain then I don’t know why you are a doctor.

Stop telling me it is because of climate change. Don’t you think that I know that we are treating this earth badly? Don’t you think I see the damages of climate change everyday, because I do? My child is dying because we are all so careless! My son is dying because of an earthquake in Haiti, and it’s because we don’t know how to take care of the earth. Do not touch me. Paul wake up, please don’t do this. Can somebody do there job? Open your eyes sweetie. Somebody do something! Please my son is dying! Somebody help me! Oh my god please help me. Paul please wake up. You’re the only person I have.

"Last Day of Sunlight"

Why am I the only plant left here? Day-by-day I stay stuck inside this brick wall imagining how different the world would be if it had more plants like myself, instead of it being so dry and empty.  I have nothing to do and no one to talk to. If the creatures that lived here before treated it better, I wouldn't be in this situation. Some nights the breeze is too hard and I can feel my body being ripped out the cracks. Why is the wind trying to carry me away? I wish that others were here to help me. Or even if they were here, would they be any help to me. They might be struggling just like me.

Early this morning the sun beamed on my leaves, tanning my green to a dark brown that now crumbles. I feel sick and weak. I am losing more and more leaves everyday. Today I only have one leaf remaining. This is the worst I have ever felt. Why do I to be the one to suffer. My one remaining leaf is at it’s early stages of crumbling. My stem is drooping downward, I am falling down the wall. The next strong wind will blow away my life. Why wasn't this stopped any sooner.

No rain has nurtured me in weeks. I fear that my life is going to be taken any second now. I thinks it’s for the better, because it’s not like I’m happy here anyway. I would be happy being any where but in this empty place called the earth.