Climate Change Monologue Project

Antarctica Monologue

I am hearing applause  Mr, Thamid is calling me to the stage to talk about “Climate change” in Antarctica. I can see that my heart is pumping really hard and I started sweating like everytime I get frustrated. The applause is still going till I walk to the stage. When I started talking, I didn’t hear no sound.

I started explaining my life to the audience, “ Well, my name is Steven C. Amstrup. I am American zoologist who studies bears, especially polar bears. I was  born in Fargo, North Dakota and I was interested to learn about polar bear. I graduated from the university of Idaho with an masters degree with an wildlife management. In 1980 i started working for united states fish and wildlife in alaska and wyoming and I have also worked for united states geological survey in arctic during his 30 years of career primarily studying about polar bear” Since, the ice is melting in the antarctic, the population of the polar bear is going to decrease each and everyday because of climate change in antarctica. The state of the global climate is shifting dramatically out of proportion with the natural balance of the earth. The Antarctic ice cap is melting and losing mass at a drastic rate. This means that we will see more drastic weather changes and more species of living organisms going extinct. The primary cause for this shift in global climate is the increase in greenhouse gases. Thank you folks and I got a round of applause.

USA Monologue

I was sleeping on my bed, I heard people screaming and shouting I thought that it was on my dream but not really. My mom called me - Aaditya Aaditya, Aaditya…….I abruptly got up and I was told to look at outside. It looks like my house was middle of lake. I saw lot of firefighter’s trying to save people using  boat. We were safe since we lived in second floor. I asked my mom why we were middle of no where, as I was 8  years old I didn’t know that we had flood last night. As I was tired last night because I Worked really hard to help my mom to clean home which took me more than 2 hours . As I was in the room with my mom a firefighter came to help me and my mom like an angel I went to the living room to get my phone so,  I could contact my aunt. He used an boat to help to get to a safe place. When I got to a safe place with my mom I saw many people who were in the flood crying that their house is destroyed. I  asked my mom “Why is happening here? Why is this world like this?” After sometime I called my aunt and told her that we need help…...Our Area is getting destroyed because of the flood. She got a car to pick me and mom to her house. There me and my mom took some rest and ate food. Finally, I realised that “Why can’t I fix this problem when I get older?” I went upstairs to my aunt room to read books about climate change in US. There had an peaceful time.

India Monologue 

  Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary

Spring holiday,  me and my cousin were travelling with my grandpa. We were asking him, where we were going. He said ‘surprise,. Yes, it was a surprise , pleasant and wonderful visit. Finally noon, we reached that place. It was a big lake. I asked my grandpa, where we are, he said, it;s “Vedanthangal “ in India exclusive for bird’s  sanctuary. We were happy and jumping up and down.  He said in spring climate from Nov to feb, birds from different country migrate here  and build nest to breed . I saw lot of diverse birds that I ever seen before like pintail, garganey, grey wagtail, blue-winged teal, common sandpiper, etc. We were there till  they close the place and with heavy heart we left from the place. I never forgot that spring in my life. Since, There is always climate change in australia, at the month of Australia, New Zealand and other countries