Climate Change Monologue Project

​My goal is to tell people how important the atmosphere is, and also let people know that this awful change is about the climate and it is effecting all of us people in some kind of way shape or form. My monologues are some what simliar in someway. Do you think you know how?

(Walter the crazy drunk persona)

( Home on Couch talks to friend about climate change)

Sooo, what made you come to me for help about this crap, of all people you chose me to talk about such a sick topic. Woah man i'm so drunk right now how am i supposed to talk to you about such a serious topic and im like the worst drunk on earth right now but you know what, ok i think i got it but, the world seems as if its going through some crazy changes man, but i really dont know whats going on but in the news its some talk about climate.

(PIcks up bottle and starts taking a few sips)

The climate is changing yes! don't you learn about these things in school? Look outside don't you see this piece of land we live on. no no no you dont get it we are here in alaska don't you see that stuff is starting to melt here. we need to leave. does it really matter?? yes it really matters.

Puts down bottle and gets up to go and get another bottle)

You just don't understand what you got till its gone man But um listen just reduce reuse and recycle like if you do that then we will have less problems than what we already have  though! so i think we both should do that though because someday people can look at us and see that we are actually helping the society out, well basically helping the whole world out right about now.


(Future time when Climate change issue wasn't resolved and people couldn't get the things they wanted)

You know i think its time to put an end to this mess. yes! because you people aren't doing anything about this crap. no, the government isn't trying to help neither is olama president of the pupu states. yea we all know thats it isn't fair to us that the people who do recycle and stuff don't get credited for the good things they do. obviously you should think its bad that we don't get this going in the right direction ha ha haha. But you know what it is, it might be that darn Ruler we call President thats not telling us the real deal like come on. All these freaking problems in our society the biggest one has to be about whether the world will end or not. The stuff that goes on in our neighborhood seems like its worse than what the climate change is doing if you ask me. Seriously, we need to leave this piece of crap neighborhood, at least fix it up first but then we just outright leave because it seems like no matter what we change and no matter what we try to fix it always tend to get worse and worse.

(Days later at a bar on 69th and future)

Let me get this straight we actually found a way to solve this issue? I thought that it wasn't possible to fix the damage that has already been done to the world, our culture, etc. We really made a change and hopefully it stays this way. No one likes a dirty neighborhood. In fact, no one likes a dirty anything. things are going good and hopefully this continues to go well!


Have you ever looked up at the moon and realized that whenever its a full moon people tend to go crazy? Im one of those people, i'm not gonna turn into a werewolf or anything haha but Im not that type of crazy. I feel as though I am immortal, unstoppable, I protect myself from harm I cause but the thing is do i really get hurt from this, ehh sometimes but when I wake up in the AM I don't really think about what happen last night. Let me rephrase that, I don't remember what happened last night. It just so happen that it came to me that things was happening to me last night. I think it had something to do with that moon of ours. Its been full lately and its been changing me in all sorts of ways. All of this is from this thing we call climate change and it has been effecting our lives in all types of ways. Hopefully we find a cure for this crap soon because I am tired of going crazy. Im tired of waking up in the middle of the night and not knowing what is happening to my body like I just wonder what it would be like to be in a peaceful environment and not needing to worry about these issues in this world.