Closing of Schools

   Hello reader, my name is Jules James. I am from Science Leadership Academy. I’m here to talk about my You and the World project. This project is referring to the benchmark about the critical problems in the society.  Now I know you’re wondering, what is a You and the World project? Well, You and the World is a project where I’m talking about a current event that is interesting to me and hopefully to you too. I am here to inform you about my current event and how I feel about it. I will also share with you the research I gathered or gathering and tell you what our people opinion on my topic. But today I’ll just tell you the research I have so far and I my opinion.

   My current event is the closing of schools in Philadelphia. This caught my attention because I was very interest in why they are closing the schools and is it a pro or con to other people and the district.

   The details I found on this website was:

  • ·      The Philadelphia School District is planning on closing 40 schools and 6 schools per year until 2017 because of the huge debts they’re in
  • ·      25% of students in the Philadelphia School District goes to charter school

   On this website, it tells us that:

  • ·      The School District want to divide up into 8 different corporations with 30 school per corporation
  • ·      The employees would go from 650 to 200
  • ·      Some principles like what’s going to happen but some of them think it would mess up the School District
  • ·      Someone think that Philadelphia will take the same path that New York has took and the academic skill might not increase

   As I read and took notes about closing of schools I was filled with a lot of questions and comments. So some of my questions were:

  • ·      Instead of closing the school, why don’t they close small or poor businesses to save money?
  • ·      Where is the school district going to send the kids that are in the schools that are closing?
  • ·      Why are they acting on paying their debts now?
  • ·      If Philadelphia keep closing schools, is there going to be enough school left for us, children or when the future comes (our kids)?
  • ·      What’s going to happen to the public schools?

These are question that I wondered about when I was reading these articles. I feel that the articles give information but not as much as I wanted.


   Some comments I have about this current event is to be honest, I think it’s idiotic. They’re too busy thinking about the debt they’re in, they are not even paying attention to the children. What if one of the schools they’re closing is a child’s only chance of graduating because that child has a learning disorder, what are they going to do about that? Just because you send them to a school that you think would be good for them doesn’t mean they’re going to catch on quickly. But other than that issue, I have other opinions. Another opinion I have is I don’t think other people are seeing this as an issue like I do cause if they did I believe some one would had protested or tried to do anything they could to prevent this from happening.

   As the years go on everything is going to get worse. People might not see it now but they’ll see.


Years ­increasing = Academic skills decreasing


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Jules James (Student 2015)
Jules James

I noticed that you are very passionate about this issue.

I wonder why these schools are being closed. Does it have anything to do with America's financial issue's? Is the saved money going to places worthy of having more put into them?

I like your topic but I would like for you to consider the reasons for closing schools. Then you can state them and prove them wrong. This would make a more convincing blog.