Co-captain of the Pep Squad Club Creates a show



     Step team performance &

      The “Show your colors” show


Ashley Etheredge

Mr. Bey

Manuel Advisory



I helped create a club (SLA’s fist pep-squad), I put on a show as well as choreographed a step routine that was performed in the show.


My project was a performance that was based around SLA’s new pep-squad; I put on the show; including getting acts, setting up the performance space and setting the date and time but I also choreographed a step routine that was performed in the show. My step team performed in my show the “Show your colors” show, which was originally going to be a Black History Month show however; due to complications (of which I will explain in depth later in this paper) I was unable to meet my deadlines and missed Black History Month. I wanted to create a club that would continue on at the school after I was gone, that girls and boys could continue into college if they wanted to. I felt that this club could bring people together from all grades like other clubs such as SLA capella, Ping pong and the Poetry club but in a different way that people might not have seen before. I wanted to give insecure teenage girls and boys more self-confidence while having a ton of fun and meeting new people.

If you were unable to attend the show, don't worry you can view it here!