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Have you ever felt that you’ve let people walk all over you, acted too selfless around your friends, or just taken a little bit too much to heart? If so, I can relate 100 percent. It’s not really unusual for someone to act like that. Tolerance, altruisticness, and pensiveness are all a part of human character, especially mine. Although I may often tend to have a low self-esteem, I wouldn’t dare to miss a goal I set for myself, let my friends down, or let my thoughts get into the way of doing something I love.

Open for Options:

As I play Ultimate Frisbee and run for Cross Country, Part of my job is to be a team player. Apart from encouraging other players to do the very best they can and giving players advice for future meets, being a team player also means developing tolerance while listening to other people’s opinions, no matter how much they contradict with what I have to say, or how much I disagree. It’s important to admit that you don’t know all of the answers than to claim that you do when you really don’t. Not only are you lying, but you are also taking the risk of decreasing your reputation.

Contribution to my Community:

Apart from sports, I also participate in a few other extracurricular activities, such as an Improv club at my school, where we encourage each other to be creative was we play games and perform skits off the top of our heads. Outside of school, I work as the Graphic Designer for UrbEd, an organization that aims for a quality and efficient urban education for all. Being very motivated to do good for my community makes me altruistic. I’m selfless and I love to bring people together to do a world of good. I wouldn’t refuse any offer to help others in need.   

A Pensive Personality:

I’m also a thinker, especially when it comes to work and social life. Never do I submit any writing assignment or essay without putting a huge amount of thought into it, making sure the vocabulary and structure are what I planned for it to be, and then proofreading it afterward. I’m not the type of person to always start the conversation, but I always love to be a part of one. Me being a thinker means that I may recite things in my head before I write it down (so I won’t have to erase), or say it out loud.

Though sometimes my selflessness could be too much for other people, I’d hate to let someone down. I am in SLA Digital Video CTE, and in that class, we do a lot of group work when it comes to making our own videos. Being a thinker means I really consider how the audience is going to see our product. I really want to make sure that everything is planned out carefully before we start filming. Being tolerant means I don’t reject any ideas from anyone else. I would rather build off of them. One we settle on an idea, I’ll do whatever I can to bring that idea to life. It would then be unlikely for me to substitute something in for my own idea, because of how that would make me selfish. All of these personality traits make me into the person I am now.

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