Color Revolution

In this unit we traveled across seas (not literally) to learn about revolutions all over the world.. We talked about the Arab Spring and Revolutions all over Africa. There was always a common topic of people being tired of being treated poorly by their rulers. Their rulers made promises to make better lives for the people but never did. To change the way the police force would treat the people (they did but the police force was just a corrupt). Enough was enough there was time for changed to be made. changes that actually did some good for the people. We would discuss about what makes a good revolution and what actually is a revolution. As a class we agreed a revolution is a change (good or bad), that can impact a way of life. For our benchmark is was our job to decide what makes a great revolution.

I decided to focus on the arts and colors. Me being who I am I feel like the news always portrays the bad sides of revolutions (violence and death ). The media can talks a little about the positive side or fun sides to revolutions but that doesn't get views.. People like drama (as long as it’s not theirs). So I wanted to do something a little more uplifting like bright colors and arts. My question was how does the arts keep a revolution from not falling apart? I will answer my question and hopefully brighten your day.