Commucating out the bill

  The progress for my bill (for those who forgot it is S.3921 for helping stop animal testing as well as testing on humans) has been nothing so far which has been very complicated in helping me. I have been thinking of ways to help communicate out this bill to help it get progress. After thinking for a while I was able to think of ways that work with today's world to help get this bill progress.

 Way number 1 is to start a twitter account made to get this bill support. Because twitter is a constant live feed it is easy to get information out there. It will also help get in contact with organizations and people who could help get the word out. This in turn can help build up a good following to help.

 Another way to help connect with people would be to link the twitter to a facebook page. On  there I could have information about the bill, why it is important and how to help. There would be a link out to a petition to people could sign if they are from Pennsylvania and also for the districts. For other areas I would have a area where they can create their own petition to send to their officials. 

 Lastly is trying to get through with more officials and people who could help. For this I simple need to arrange a better list. Also is figuring out the best ways to get through with each person or combination of ways to get through with people.This might be easier one the twitter and facebook are done because there will be more help with getting through. Hopefully this will all go through without a hitch to help.