Communication Blog #4

I am now at the step of communicating with Dwight Evans. He has been working on  strategies for reducing violence, which are very similar to mine. We both grew up in Philadelphia, so we know what it is like to be surrounding by violence. We both want to focus on children. If children learn about other ways to solve issues without violence it will be reduced. Providing children with education and activities will allow them to stay occupied. Without an education there is a low chance in becoming successful because with no education, there will be no jobs and with no jobs comes along poverty and at the end of the chain poverty leads to violence. One of his solutions was a bill called Philadelphia's gun ordinances. The bill was created so that:

• The city is allowed to force its citizens to report a lost or stolen gun within 24 hours.

• Police are allowed to seize guns from those “considered to pose a risk to themselves or others.”

• Those subject to a protection-from-abuse order may not own a firearm within the city.

• Need to purchase more than one gun a month then you can.

There isn’t much that I can do to increase the process of this bill being approved. So I thought about working with him on another solution. Which is improving education opportunities and conditions, and working to reduce violence in the City Of Philadelphia & reaching out to children and discussing violence and violence prevention.  To start this I will e-mail / write a letter to him with my ideas:
    •    Interventions for teens to educate them about violence and create a way for them to feel safe when they feel in danger of uncomfortable.
    •    Creating more after school programs for teens rather than just younger children.
    •    Create another organization similar to Work Ready but make it more accessible so teens can have more job opportunities.

    •    I will also make a Facebook page and an anonymous survey to ask my friends if these things above were to happen do they think they would be a part of it.