Communism in Vietnam Blog #2

   Since the last post what I have found is so surprising I can’t describe it in words. The information that I found was about people protesting about communist rulers in Vietnam is selling the country over to China. These protests in peace.Some of them protest communism by writing songs expressing their feelings. One out of the many songwriters this person’s name is Việt Khang, his real name is Võ Minh Trí has been locked up because two of the few songs that he wrote was talking against both the Vietnamese and Chinese government.

  The songs are called “Anh la ai” ( “Who are you”) and “Vietnam Toi Dau” are both songs that have a strong message to the world, even though the Vietnamese Community wasn’t paying attention at the time. Soon the community found out about his capture and decided to take action. Now Vietnam has three problems, one is about the Catholic church being taken over by the communists rulers, two about the communists ruler selling Vietnam to China, and the final one is about Việt Khang’s capture. During the research I have came up with several questions. What can the citizens of Vietnam do now?

   Is the communist going too far with their plan? If the communist sell Vietnam to China, what would happen to the citizens of Vietnam? What would happen to their lives? What terrible events would occur after this exchange?
This picture is a picture of a guy name Viet Khang who wrote songs expressing his feelings towards the situation of Vietnam trying to sell themselves to China.
   Well now I’m well aware of what the people of Vietnam are going through and I understand that there has to be something that I can do to change it. My personal opinion about this topic is that the communism’s power over the people is expanding. I think they have gone too far about not letting their citizen have the freedom to express their feelings towards that problem.  I still wonder if I can do something about it. To help the people over there who are in search of democracy instead of communism. My plan is to go out and talk to people and inspire them to help the citizens over in Vietnam, but in the third blog post I will talk more about my plan of change.
​Here are some of the newspaper articles that are about this topic in this blog.
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These are one of many churches in Vietnam who are taken over by Viet Cong.
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