Conversion sobre insults con Maria de Venezuela

​My goal is to learn moderate insults. I wanted this as a goal in case I was in a foreign country and I was confronted by an unwanted person. 

I chose my friend Maria because Spanish is her first language. I thought that if I could learn from a native speaker, my insults could be slang instead of formal.

Well, since she's my friend, there wasn't much to gain from the conversation that I already don't know.

It helped a lot because I've noticed I learn better when I'm orally taught by a friend.

When I was being taught different moderate insults, I needed help spelling and saying the phrases in an angry voice. I had explained that I can say Spanish in a monotone voice, but not in any other expressions.

I learned:
"Te puedes ir." - Go away.
"Vete no quiero hablar con tigo." - I don't want to talk to you.
"Porque me estas gritando." Why are you yelling?
"Porque estas en mi cara." - Why are you in my face.
"Estoy jugando." - I'm kidding.
Spanish Insults Convo