Coversacion, Sue Carter, Philadelphia

My native spanish speaker is my mom. Over the summer we went to Guatemala with a group and visited different places. I thought that it would be a good idea to talk about the experience with my mom in Spanish because I might go back next summer and it would be nice to be able to talk about my past experiences while I am down there. Sense this is the first conversation I decided to talk about the trip as a whole and then in later conversations talk about specific places. Sense we would be talking about the trip as a whole I decided to ask my mom what her favorite part was, "que fue lo que te gustó más?" and have what my favorite part was ready, "Toda la esperanza que tenian aunque vivian en mucha pobreza?".

I chose my mom because I knew that she had a good spanish background because she grow up in El Salvador and would like to use her Spanish more often. One thing I learned about my mom is how she likes to met different people and she thinks that in the United States we don't rely on people as much as they do in Guatemala. This conversation helped me reach my goal because I was able to talk about my favorite part and about how the two places are different.       
Spanish conversation 1