Crossing Boundaries by Dylan Long

Ever been judged for doing something you like to do? So has my mom. She used to go see certain types of music that her friends thought was terrible, and they judged her for it. However, not even that was getting in the way of my mom and her love for doing what she loved. 

For me, crossing boundaries is one of the major keys to succeeding in life. Whether it be a boundary that is holding you back, a chance you are going to take, or a social norm you are going to defy, good will come from crossing this boundary. However, if it is a boundary that if crossed, directly offends or hurts someone, that is not ok. Boundaries of respect, personal space, identity, are boundaries that are meant to be respected and protected. Crossing a boundary in this way should be in no way tolerable. Overall, crossing boundaries depends on what boundary you are crossing. 

I loved doing this interview; I found out a ton of cool stuff about my mom that I never knew before. It was very interesting for me and I really connected with the content; I related to it. It was great to hear my mom's story of overcoming the opinions of others and being a motivator for others to do the same.
Mom Interview #1

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Reginald Simmons (Student 2015)
Reginald Simmons

Really good interview. It was cool to hear a story so related to music; they're always very nice. Your participant sounds very thoughtful about the subject. Great work.