Cruel Leaders, Ruin Peoples Lives

“Why do people vote for certain leaders?”. People agree to follow cruel leaders because they will manipulate people into thinking that they will fix their fears. History seems to repeat itself with dangerous people in charge. Its is noticed that this is an ongoing pattern through both fictional and historical examples, whether it’s in novels or textbooks.  

If this argument is looked at  from a universal point of view, it reveals that we had god awful leaders. There is a website of the 25 most awful dictators and rulers of all time. This website is important because it has historical stories on these dangerous people from the past. It was cool yet shocking. All of the people on that list, are horrible people that are murders. For example, a man named Hitler is on that list. He singled out an entire religion, and blamed society's problems on them. He murdered and tortured many Jewish men, women and children. He was so terrible that it is impossible to not know who he is. School emphasizes who he is. How did he get elected? That man tricked people into thinking that it was one religion's fault, and that he would get rid of them to make germany better. People wanted their fear of the war and being poor to be fixed, so this was the other “solution” they could think of. Now that people look back on this history, they can realize how many stupid mistakes they make when people walk all over us. And that's what Hitler did, that manipulating son of a whale tricked others, and when he was in control he made people fear him so much, they dare not stop him. Yes, eventually Hitler was stopped, but he ruined people's lives in Germany for many years. Cruel leaders, ruin peoples lives.

A great world example of why certain leaders are chosen, is Donald trump. He promises society that he will fix american by doing what the people want and make their fears “disappear”. He promises not to let certain races in this country because of ongoing terrorism.  The people in America are afraid of the terrorist threats being made by a group called isis. Trump made a proposition to get rid of immigrants, build a wall, and put labels on muslims because they are apparently the problem to terrorism. Some disagree with those who vote for him, because he is another person we should fear. He will be the next hitler. As anyone can see, we never learn. We are voting for a man who will also try and destroy a religion. Now, this quote from a trump supporter, proving that people only vote for him because he will deal with fear in harsh ways. “Men and women….fearful that they are being displaced by minorities and immigrants, and nostalgic for the way America used to be.” This states that donald trump is voted for, because he is the “solution” to fix people's fears on america. I'm sorry, but facts cannot be hidden Trump is proposing to single out people in order to benefit him, but it's actually manipulation on the people. Why? Well, how will this help the people, it just gives him full power and control over society in America. Yet again, we could have someone who has the power to harm others, is this what we really want?

Speaking of finding bad leaders, Jack is a wonderful example in the book Lord of the Flies, written by William Golding. Jack had a little group of younger boys,  following his every order and believed in him. Jack used fear and manipulation to get the boys to listen to him. He put into their minds that he could save them on this island. To hunt and have food, to provide shelter, their little brains thought Jack could provide them with these skills. He proved himself when they went hunting, so they assumed he would keep them alive. But, Jack was cruel. If you weren't on his side, you'd be dead or almost dead. Even if Jack was doing something wrong or hurting someone, they still followed him. They feared Jack, so they dare not go against him. Which is what normal people do, you die or stick with the crowd and live.The only reason jack was voted to be in charge, was because everyone thought that he would get them off the island, even if he was harsh. “I'm scared of him”-Piggy (93). A person on the island with Jack was a boy named Piggy. He outright said that he was afraid of Jack. This just shows how Jack sticks fear in others hearts. Piggy said this when something was suggested to go against Jack. Piggy was too afraid to do it, so he backed down. “Jack had Robert by the hair and was brandishing his knife.”(114) Okay, don't tell me this isn't scary. Jack grabbed someone's hair forcefully and put a knife to their neck. How is he not crazy. “What's going on in this scene.”is what one could be thinking. In the book, they are only suppose to be playing a PRETEND game of catch the pig. Robert played the pig, but Jack got too into it. Personally, I think Jack was just trying to prove how strong he was. He was showing that he is strong enough to protect the others, and that he has complete control. Here again, Jack tries to prove himself strong. “Jack was standing before a group of boys……”we hunt…..i'm going to be chief.” (133)Hunting is a good survival skill and small boys like to do wild things. This is why they follow him, because they will feel some of their problems will be relieved if they follow Jack. He is seen as a great person to follow because he is strong, knowledgeable, and will riden his followers fears, thus, he is voted for.

How can we stop it, well I have no idea, that is for yourself to decide. I'm just here to prove an argument, so go ahead….can this statement be argued with? Will humans continue to choose leaders who create destruction, or will we one day learn from our past mistakes.

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