¿Cuando es su fiesta de cumpleaños?

-You need to know the days of the week. 
Monday is lunes
Tuesday is martes
Wednesday is miercoles
Thursday is jueves
Friday is viernes
Saturday is sábado
Sunday is domingo

P.S. - In the Spanish calendar, the week begins on Monday, unlike in the traditional English calendar that starts on Sunday.

Full Days of the Week with Visuals
Full Days of the Week with Visuals
But the one sure that you have to be careful of is that the the days of the week are always lower cased. Never begin the days of the week with a capital letter. Also you would need to know how to greet someone. When you walk up to them, you say "Hola!" which is "Hello" but in Spanish. Next you need to know how to ask someone when something is. To perform that, you need to say "Cuando es..." which means, "When is..." but in Spanish. Then some basic vocabulary is need to know, such as cumpleaños meaning birthday, and gracias meaning thank you! From there Anna will welcome me by saying "de nada."
Video Dialogue:
*Both walk into scene*
Anna - "¡Hola Daniel!
Daniel - "Hola Allen, cuando es su fiesta de cumpleaños?”
Anna - "Mi fiesta de cumpleaños es el sábado"
Daniel - "Gracias!"
Anna - "De nada!"

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