Curiosity And Humans

Topic: Why, as humans, must know the answers to questions such as evolution and other scientific theories?

David Quammen's "Was Darwin Wrong?" immediately allowed me to raise the question, why can't we just agree to disagree? Well, Quammen mentions that if you are skeptical by nature and are unfamiliar with science then those are the people who are unaware of the overwhelming evidence and confess that evolution is "'just' a theory." This statement allows me to believe that every human being has evolved to be curious, but to different degrees. Without our curiosity we would have built the civilization way have today. It probably all began in the following mind processing:
  • Cavemen accidentally discover fire
  • Is intrigued by the discovery
  • Leads to creation and discovery
  • Because of the new found way of life, there needs to be a new form of communication
  • Experiments with manual communication
  • Then to verbal communication
  • New form of communication spread and changed with different communities
  • After learning a more efficient way to communicate, a "civilized" way of living begins
This is my theory of how curiosity has evolved humans to be the way that they are. However we are still evolving with curiosity each day. From children and imagination, to doctors and scientist forming new cures for diseases. And soon, in 2050 we just may have an entirely new way of living, due to curiosity.