Dakota Foster's Capstone


Recently, i participated in Doula Training Class by the suggestion of a colleague. I began taking classes under the Maternity Care Coalition. I was one of three high school girls with the rest of the ladies were either in college or well into their lives with kids. During the classes, I fell in love with everything and anything that came along with being/becoming a Doula. I loved the people that I met in the classes, I loved the atmosphere, and the spirituality that was embedded in everything we did. Two things that stood out to me where that: the teacher told us that Doulas aren't well known and how we are helping them by being 'community doulas' - being more accessible to the community. We watched stories about the women that had Doulas and I thought to myself: something this great, why don't more women know about? That is when I decided to make a video about what Doulas are, the history of Doulas, and something little extra. Hope you enjoy!