Dakota Foster's Room Perspective

This project is about drawing from different perspectives from drawing really simple things to complicated things like a room. We started with boxes and drew them from different points of view from the vanishing point. We did this because we can figure out what different object look like from different points of view. Then, we would see what sides could be seen from the vanishing point.
This technique helped us understand more when we had to drew the room. First, we started with a really simple room that was small and didn't have a lot of objects inside it. We drew simple things like ceiling tiles from the vanishing point or a walking mat form the vanishing point. While doing all of this, we learned about different types of line. For example, we learned about horizontal, vertical and orthogonal lines. Finally, we received our final product idea. We were suppose to draw a wall of the Art room and then the two walls connecting to it. There was many things that had to in the room because if they weren't then the room wasn't correct. We used a ruler, pencil and an eraser. My process of starting the room was different from everybody's else. I started trying to draw the rectangle in the middle of the room, I didn't use any measurements because that made it really confusing for me. I used my eyes to see if the lines were straight and even, which was much easier for me.  I made sure everything was connected to my vanishing point, when drawing the ceiling lines and the walls. If I didn't make sure everything was connected to the vanishing point, then the room would look off. 
I think the most easiest thing to learn was drawing the things in the room. For example, drawing the ceiling tiles, that was really easy for me to learn. I don't really know why it was really easy for to learn, but when I started doing it, it just came really easy to me. I made sure everything was straight and connected to the vanishing point. It is like it came naturally to me and easy to understand.  
I think the hardest part for me to learn was drawing the room. By drawing the room, I mean drawing the back wall. It was hard for me to try and find the first wall out of a plain piece of paper. I couldn't seem to get the wall to be straight enough sometimes or one line was longer than the other. Also, that the room was either too short or too long. Then, I had to read do it and correct it, so it looked more like the room. 

I think Ellen To's drawing was the best. I didn't just like the drawing because that is obvious. I think she was very successful in doing the room. Even though, she has never had art classes before. Also, she made sure that she worked hard and diligently to put most of everything in the room in the drawing. Everything was proportional and to the vanishing point. Everything was very detailed and elegant.