Dakota Foster - Hull Presentation Zen Slide

I changed what I changed because I considered the things they told us on Presentation Zen. Then, I applied it toward my slide. I used the rules of thirds. First, I moved all the pictures to one side and all the words. Another thing is that I moved all the words to one side. I also made the words bigger so, they would stand out. 

Next, I used bright colors on a black background for contrast. Also, I took the colors from the pictures, like the color of my hoodie or the color of one of the sheep. Then, I used those colors for the font color. I made the pictures bleed off of the slide so, it doesn't seem clutter. 

Lastly, I aplahed the back of the pictures, so you won't get distracted by the background. So, you would only see the faces of the people. Then, I made them smaller and put them together and overlapped them, like a collage.