Darius Purnell Q2:Media Fluency Slide

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I am greatness. Three simple words that could mean a lot to a person. I believe these words describe every ounce of me. Many people know thought I wouldn’t make it far into the second quarter of my first year of high school. They thought it would be way too hard for me and expected for me to fail. But I AM GREATNESS. I have talents and skills that might not show. But I AM GREATNESS. My passion is creative writing including poetry and stories. I may not be as good as others now, but just watch you never know. My goal is to be the next Tyler Perry. I hope to be nominated against him for an award it doesn’t matter which of the two of us win. I just want the feeling that I’m just as good as my idol and hero. Tyler Perry is able to relate to everyone’s experiences or change someone’s mind set in each of his work, I plan to do the same. I have faith in myself, I trust myself. I believe… I AM GREATNESS!

Darius Purnell I AM GREATNESS (2)
What i changed about my slide was the picture, text, and background color. With the picture i moved it over to the right and increased the size. Originally i was trying to make the picture bleed but people told me to just move it over and have the full picture. Also i moved the text over. I originally had it as a staircase form but i moved it so it had a pyramid form. Next i changed the color of the background from a dark popping blue to a glistening red. The blue wasnt working well with the text since it  was black so it was hard on the eyes. So i change it to red to calm down the eyes. From this presentation i learned that more eyes on ur work can help you to benifit the output

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