Davis: Palestine/Congo

The countries evaluated in this resource is comparison between the self-proclaimed arab state of Palestine and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Palestine was my assigned election country, which is combination of Jeruselum, the West Bank, and Gaza Strip. This area of the middle east is a self proclaimed state that for decades, since the establishment of the modern day Israel, has been fighting politically for land and independence. The Congo, politically recognized as the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is a sub-saharan African nation who for over the past 15 + years have delt with civil war and political un-organization. Though the government in the DRC has formed, the country still deals with a war on illegal mining of natural resources and mass poverty throughout the nation. In this presentation, I was able to directly connect Diamond's 5 Point Framework (Environmental Damage; Climate Change; Hostile Neighbors; Friendly Trade Neighbors; Society's Response to Environmental Issues) to the problems that these nations face. In the process, I took a more in depth analysis of how the influence of terrorism and  propaganda taint the mission of Palestine, and can lead to their collapse before they're even established. I also drew connections between the deforestation of sub saharan Africa to outside nation's ability to trade freely through the region. I believe that this catalog can pose as a valuable resource for those wanting to know the severity of these issues within these nations. Although there aren't many connections between Palestine and The Congo, there are significant similarities  between the current economic and environmental situations in these  nations.