DaVont Martin Benchmark Q4

Click here to download the iweb zip folder. Drag the intro.html file into Safari or Fire Fox. At times the iweb doesn't show properly on Google Chrome. 

  • What did you find most challenging about this project?
    The most challenging aspect of this project was finding a photo that related to my topic. I'd taken about 45 pictures for this benchmark then I had to narrow my selection down to photos that I figured would best represent my topic. Even though I made tough decisions, I believe that these were the best photos out of the bunch that I'd taken. 

  • How did you go about collecting the images or selecting the images?
    At first I took pictures that I knew for a fact that would represent my topic(s). Then I created an image in my mind of what exactly I wanted. After that I went on another mission to take photos that captured my thoughts. For some photos, I had to ask permission from people in that participated in my images. 

  • Which image is your favorite? Why? Elaborate.
    My favorite image is the photo of the security guards at the Liberty Place asking the several girls for identification because the picture explains everything that was going on during that day, and the exact message that I wanted to get across. 

  • How prevalent is the evidence of globalization in Philadelphia? Do you think it is more or less so (evident) than in other large cities in the US? Why Why not?

    I think after completing this project I realized that there is more globalization in Philadelphia than what I expected. We have more globalization in our city that most large cities because of the different cultures that reside in Philadelphia. I believe that the diversity in Philadelphia is what makes it more interesting than the average large city.