Dayanna's Media Influency

When asked who I am, I usually categorize myself as an artist. That's what I identify as, It's a major part of who I am. From the age of 6 I remember always having a pencil in my hand, drawing away to "pass my time." As I got older and taught myself more and more about the greatness that art is, I realized what I was doing was beyond just a pencil and paper. It was a way to communicate my feelings, it was simply.... me.  That is why, I decided to make my slide mainly about my artwork. I did this by incorporating some of my best work, and other visuals of artwork I've done. Going into this, I knew that's what I wanted to focus on.  As mentioned in Presentation Zen, contrast is an important principle of making an amazing presentation. Using this method to catch the eyes of my audience, I highlighted words that stood out. Using another method from what I've learned, I left a great amount of empty space so my viewer doesn't feel bombarded with visuals of what I consider to be Who I am.
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