Days of the week in spanish.

Title: Days of the week

When you do days of the week you need to know how to say days of the week.  In order know how to say the days of the week you need to know the difference in between the capitals and lower case letters and also accents. Accents are the words with little lines on top of the letter and they are pronounces as shown in the graph below. Accents in the word may get you in trouble by saying it wrong and the teacher or Spanish person by them misinterpreting it. Also it may mean something else in Spanish. There will be a video that explains Dime asking shay that walks up what day is the test and dime gets scared because that day is the test so he starts scrambleing. You also need to know how to ask which is....¿que dia de la semana es el? Which means what day of the week is it? 

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