De'Lesha Jackson Food BM


2lbs Sweet Italian Sausage

2 cans of crushed Basil Tomato Sauce

3 Tomatos 

Boxed Spaghetti

2 Onions

3 Slices of Bacon

3 Bay Leaves

1 cup of sugar

2 cups of ketchup

chili powder

dry oregeno


dry parsley

dry basil 

roasted garlic

Seasoning salt

salt and pepper

olive oil

The first thing you do when cooking spaghetti is to create your sauce. Create this by pouring 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil and then slicing your 3 pieces of bacon and start to cook that. While that is cooking you cut the sausage into pieces the size that you want them to be. After the bacon is crispy but not burnt you take it out and put the sausages into the pot.  While the sausages are cooking you want to chop up the 2 onions into small pieces and cut the garlic so you can roast it. When the sausages are done take them out and put the garlic and onions into the pot and let them start to brown. 

Open the cans of tomato sauce and pour them one by one into the pot. Cut the tomatoes into small pieces and then put them into the pot. Make sure the pot is on a low flame keep stirring everything so that it doesn't stick and you get the flavors in everything. Add the bay leaves, cup of sugar, 1 1/2 cup of ketchup, chili powder, cumin, dry oregano parsley and basil; add to your liking. Add the salt and pepper, bacon bits and sausages back into the sauce. Get another pot fill it with water and wait for it to boil. When it boils add enough salt to the water (the water should taste like ocean water) and then add the noodles. (the amount depends on how much sauce you are making but normally you use a half of box). When then noodles are soft enough drain them with a strainer and then add them into the sauce, make sure you stir and then eat.

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Spaghetti isn't a totally nutrition meal but it is a meal. But then again I think it's the way you make it, because of the way I make mine then might not be that nutritious. I would say that half of the ingredients are whole foods and the other half are processed. I don't really know how much my meal cost but I would say that it had to be no more than $50. I didn't have to travel far because I live near the grocery store it is about 5 block away from my house. Some of the spices were freshly grown (basil, bay leaves, etc.) I think there are some health issues that come along with eating this everyday, you could get fat because there is oil and other fatty substances in the ingredients. But I think over all it is a good meal for a family who doesn't have the highest income and for people who just want to feed many.


In this unit I have learned a lot about the food industry and how horrible it actually is. I have also learned of the importance of "fracking" and how it can help and/or harm our area.  I have looked at and examined the food industry as a whole. Taking apart the different groups and jobs, I have an idea of how the industries manage to conceal the truth; or tell the truth,  just not the whole truth. It was interesting to see everything unfold and it actually had an effect on my emotions. I was angry at the industries and they made me not want to eat their food. However, learning about all of this made me realize that I not only can't but don't want to stop buying the industries creations. My role as a consumer does not allow me to stop.  I think that is the biggest problem with our food system. They don't want us to stop so they create higher prices for the healthier food and continue to give us unhealthy food for what we can afford. I want to help change this but the thing is I can't exactly think of ideas to actually put in action.