Déjá Vu

    (Sings chorus of Pharrell’s Happy song) It just might be my day. My sister was sitting next to me; tired of hearing about how excited I was. I just knew today would be the day. ¨GURRRLLL! Imma make it today. You may not think so, but I know... (emphasis on know) He’s gonna love  me (drag it out). He looks super cool; I’m pretty sure his name is Brock. Brock and Brynlee. It sounds great doesn’t it Brooke?¨ She looked at me, stared at my head for a second and simply said ¨I Don’t Care!¨ She’s a hater.

Any who, it was my time. I’m being looked at with a face that I cannot read or explain yet, and the next thing I knew, I was being picked up. My hopes went up. My excitement began to rise. I got butterflies in my stomach. Someone was finally going to love and appreciate me for what I am.

    In route to my awaited destination, I heard a voice whine ¨NOOOO MOMMMMYYYY! I don wanna eat it¨(makes a shocked face). Slammed back down I go. Again. It ALWAYS happens. I mean...(drag out ¨mean¨) do I really taste THAT bad? Yea, I can get a little chunky and my head is slightly bigger than others (pause) well a lot bigger, and I’m two weird shades of green, but I still think that I'm pretty appealing ya know? I think I’m cute. I think I’m fly. I’m a pretty cool Veg (Said fast with a smirk). But STILL, no one wants me. Cute and fly in one person's eyes could be the opposite to another. But appearance is only one thing, the inside is where all the important things lie. Personality, heart, fears, all the good stuff. Yet, it doesn’t matter, everyone hates my insides.

    Once I’m picked up in what seems like slow motion, they thoroughly stare at me. Closer and closer I make my way towards my goal… well their mouth of course. They stick their tongue out to barely taste me. After they realize that I’m not actually poisonous or deadly, slowly but surely their teeth come together and I am immediately thrown back to the plate. They can at least sit me back down as slow as they picked me up.  And to add insult to injury, people make the most absurd sounds. YUCKKKKK… UGHHHHH… EWWWWWW. So rude. They won’t even fully eat a piece of me to begin to understand what my inside is like.  


    It’s not fair. Just about everyone likes the giant yellow guy that constantly breaks into little pieces. And the plain orange bald dude. It’s that those guys that look all cool on the outside with bright colors that it doesn’t even matter what their insides are like. No one likes plain, boring, typical green. There are a few others that kind of look like me, but still, no one IS like me. It was not yesterday, not today, and maybe not tomorrow or the next day, but one day someone will love me for what’s on the inside.

     He was Brock, I’m Brynlee. Together, we could have been like the most wonderful Broccoli (Brocklee). Yet, too bad he didn’t care to enjoy the inside of me.