Dennis English 1 // "My Wife Made Me Do It" // Benchmark 2

Comic (Good Copy) 3
Comic (Good Copy) 3
My project altogether is a small Comic Strip for the play, Macbeth.

My goals for this project was to have it submitted on time (check), have the coloring done before the scan (check), and to make it look like an actual comic (depends)
I hope people will notice how much I put into drawing it and that they know that there are a few flaws in this as well. I decided to show a little bit pof Lady Macbeth's transformation, I also decided to show her two-faced side throughout the story.
I would definitely try something new if I wasn't going to choose a comic strip. If I were to just make edits to this, I would just add a Part 2 to enhance more on Lady Macbeth's transformation. 

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