Describe a day in the life

For the average 12 yo (boy or girl, you pick) in your country that you focused on last week... what is the average day like.

Make a visualization of the day.. you can timeline it with pix, do something more creative.

But by the end of class on Tuesday you should have a representation of that day... with regard to education and health at a minimum... feel free to include more factors and indicators. Provide at least 5 CITED sources to your creation.

When you are done, link to it on blogger - SLATE. Double check that your link works. In addition to the link, reflect on... how does this life compare that that of yours when you were 12? What was most surprising about your findings? What parts were expected? What do you think that 12yo's life will be like when they are 40? Describe it... what will have changed, what will have stayed the same?