Descriptive Essay: Jessica Maiorano

Jessica Maiorano

Don’t get me wrong; I want grow up and be successful but at the same time I wish I could be a little kid again, doing things for no reason, not having to worry about anything. The best times of our lives you can’t get back. I’m flipping through the colorful pages of my scrapbook. I see a page full of pictures of Bianca and I from a fun sleepover we had. Looking at the pictures made me just want to go back and take the pictures all over again. We looked so young. I can remember taking the pictures like it was yesterday.
One Friday morning I woke up to a day that I knew was going to be horrible. The rain and the cold didn’t make it any better but like every other day I was off to school. The day is going by and nothing good happened. But on that rainy Friday night my cousin Bianca and I we were bored little ten year olds that wanted to play dress up so I got all the clothes from her drawers and threw them on the bed. After two min we must have tried on at least 6 outfits! Dresses of every single color and design. The next thing we did was the makeup; sneaking into my aunt’s room, we took her makeup and put it everywhere on our faces, like a typical little kid. Clothes thrown in every direction and flashes going off that can blind you we had a blast. A different pose every picture the same thing all night. My whole mood was turned around I didn’t think my day could get better in the matter of two minutes.

I go show my mom this page but sadly it’s time for bed and I couldn’t tell her about it. The whole time all I can think of is all the good times I had. After having my eight hours of sleep I am waking up and going straight to my scrapbook to flip to the next page.

The next page of the scrapbook is purple back round with sequence and hearts and in the middle of all that is pictures from my fifth grade prom. My first year at my new school Meredith, we had a prom. Decorations, food, music and dancing the whole 9 yards. I wore a fancy black and sequins dress. Even though in fifth grade girls always thought boys had cooties we still had dates. There was the king and queen walk in the beginning, which was when we walk down to the second floor and then show everybody like our parents, other teachers and kids from different grades what we looked like then back up. For me that wasn’t a fun time because on our way down to the second floor I slipped and fell down the whole flight of stairs. I wasn’t making that ruin my day I got right back up, got some ice and then I went back in line to walk back up the stairs. As we walked in they gave us a little corsage and walked us to our desks, it was the cutest thing ever! Parents talking to each other while we danced with our friends. In between every song of course my mom would take a picture. I hated that she took so many pictures. Since we were having such a good time, my friends didn’t mind. We all wished it were our senior prom we felt so grown up.

The next page was pink about all the times I went to my pool. Orange was next of all my concerts I went to. Yellow was about when I got my dogs Snyder and coal that was the best day ever! Green and red follow along it just gets better and better ever page. It was like a rainbow you don’t see them or have times like this a lot but you will always remember it when it you do.

         Every kid wants to be grown up and every grown up wants to be a kid again and thinking back at all the memories. I thank my mom for taking those fifteen million pictures at my prom and if it wasn’t for that bored rainy night that I had with my cousin I wouldn’t be looking through this book remembering my childhood. I should live my life being happy and having fun not sitting around being bored because we only live once so we should make the best of it. I will make another scrapbook and another one after that because I always want to look at back and remember these moments like they were yesterday.