Descriptive Essay: Wandering in my emotions

I was sitting in this long black couch next to the wall. I was waiting for dinner to be cooked. So I'm sitting there and all of a sudden i feel this shake, this shake of violence. First i feel a  tremble not violently but slightly. I thought it was someone outside working, So i look out the window in the middle of she shaking and i saw no one but cars. So then I turn around very slowly and there goes the television also going into this shake of death.

I was scared i felt as if the world was ending I quickly ran upstairs to my grandmas room in great panic, as she is laying there asleep in silence i thought she was up there shaking the house. So i ask her did she feel the shake she said very sudden and quick “no! i thought it was you”. So i slowly crept down the stairs as the shaking began to stop. As soon as i hit the third step the shaking was stopping, my hands clinched to the railing and wall on my left. When it was over my mind was full of thoughts ranging from being scared to curiosity. I did not know how to carry myself through the house. My body was still shaking and the over all shaking had already stopped.

I can already feel the sweat drops forming on my hands and the hairs standing on my neck because of what just happened. This out standing moment really made me look of myself and find out that side of being actually scared. I never felt that way before because i never felt such a random shake before. The shake actually feels as if you are on a motor boat going fast or in a plane feeling slight turbulence.

I probably actually felt like The president on 9/11 with my emotions and thoughts flying everywhere. Its surprising that your feel can scatter and scramble like that on something like this. I walked down the stairs and got the living room and when I got to the living room I jumped twice to make sure the ground was stable and not moving anymore. So i ran to the kitchen with great joy and panic. I quickly turned the t.v on in the kitchen and turned it to the local news. As soon at I turned to channel 10.

I wasn’t sure what it was just yet but i was confident it was a earthquake. The t.v started to clear up, i picked my head up from pouring the cereal and it said “BREAKING NEWS” a 5.8 magnitude earthquake struck the eastern sea board, I was like “wow” i actually felt an earthquake. My mind wasn’t on the fact that the whole house shook and i was scared. My mind was on the fact that I ACTUALLY FELT AN EARTHQUAKE.

So now i couldn’t move at all, i was just stuck in this trance of wow. As my sister walked thought the door of the kitchen  the wind blew gently against my face and i shook and the hairs stood up on my neck. She yelled “Oh my gosh, Diamond did you feel that earthquake?” i said “yea it was decent”. She replied “i know that was the first time i ever felt something like that.” I said “i know I'm older then you and I have been everywhere you been, so i know if you felt one or not” as i chuckled.

She left the kitchen and I just continued to think to myself “that was incredible”. Then I looked back up at the t.v and it was on commercial and i wanted to know more about the earthquake so i changed the channel to CNN. So I picked up the remote and I changed the channel to channel four CNN and it was also talking about the incredible news. This time though they were talking about the Washington D.C monuments were okay. So i sat down thinking that something was wrong with the Washington Monuments. Only because I been to D.C once and I didn’t get to see all of them. So for some strange reason i start to sweat, this very cool or cold sweat. Then they said that the Washington monument was cracked at the top so I said that’s just a shame. Then i actually noticed what a earthquake could do.

Speaking of an earthquake I remember when my family that lives in Barbados called my house right after they had a earthquake that was 6.7 magnitude earthquake. They were telling me about how the house shook and they walked threw the house while it was happening not know what was happening. Until about 10 seconds past from the start of the earthquake they found out that it was an earthquake because they didn’t know what it was. In my belief i think that they were scared.

It was so much of a magnitude the house shook very violently. And they also said that the road was a virtual gridlock because everyone was on there way to carnival or back so people in cars paused and now that it had started back up and the earthquake was over people started to move then the roads got blocked up. They said that it was tragic. lots of people had died that day.